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Tuscany Regions Map

Tuscany is one of those Italian regions that can be easily defined as unique and incredible. Its history, its cities, and its traditions have made Tuscany a protagonist over the centuries. These characteristics, linked to the rich Tuscan ecosystem, which provides: a balance of Mountains, Hills, Plains, and coasts, have allowed the creation and development of some of the best Italian food and wine excellences.

Tuscany Regions Map


The Tuscan Riviera, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean.

Famous for its tourist beaches, summer nightlife and Carrara marble, it is also home to some excellent products, created thanks to the particular conformation of unique and iconic places.

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The Garfagnana is a natural and authentic territory halfway between the Apuan Alps and the Apennines, a valley full of woods, meadows and medieval villages among the most beautiful in Italy.

In such a context, the local gastronomic tradition has developed, giving life to delicacies that are not to be missed.

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Montagne Pistoiesi

A mountainous region, home to the Abetone, the most famous mountain in Tuscany.

An impervious area, with a continental climate that has developed excellent typical products such as porcini mushrooms, wild blueberries and raw milk pecorino cheese.

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A valley north of florence immersed in nature and woods, where small medieval villages and Medici villas blend into the magical landscape.

A place where the local cuisine is simple, tasty and healthy.

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, cradle of the Renaissance and Italian culture.

It is set in a unique context, in a valley and crossed by the arno river, the longest and most important in tuscany.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina, lampredotto and many more amazing products to discover!

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A very wooded land, full of unspoilt, centuries-old forests, located in the province of arezzo.

Here nature is an integral part of everyday life and local gastronomy is very much influenced by this unique link with the territory and traditions of the small villages.

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Val Di Chiana

Picturesque landscapes where tradition, craftsmanship, and extraordinary biodiversity have led to the creation of incredible typical products.

Discover all the excellences of Val Di Chiana.

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Literally the heart of Tuscany.

Rolling hills, endless vineyards, medieval towns and centuries-old traditions, all enclosed in a single territory stretching from Florence to Siena.

This is the land of Chianti Wine, Finocchiona and Vin Santo, check all the chianti products!

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Costa Degli Etruschi

Golden Beaches and dunes smoothed by the winds and waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It includes the entire Livorno coastline and the hinterland where pinewoods and Mediterranean macchia blend together and, thanks to the gentle winds of the Mediterranean, create a unique microclimate where top quality food and wine products are produced.

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Val d'Orcia

Breathtaking landscapes, historic villages among the most important in Italy.

A land so beautiful and unique that it has become a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Home of the the famous Brunello Di Montalcino and Pecorino Di Pienza.

Do you need more reasons to fall in love with Val D'Orcia?

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Maremma is perhaps the most authentic and genuine area in the whole of Tuscany.

Beautiful beaches, breathtaking hills and even Mount Amiata, completely different landscapes just a few kilometres apart.

Start your Maremma journey and check all the typical food&wine products

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Isola Di Capraia

The wildest of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

It is a volcanic island and has only two small settlements, the port and the ancient village.

On the island, the Mediterranean macchia is uncontaminated and unique, and thanks to the microclimate it is ideal for the production of unique honey and wines.

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Isola D'Elba

The most famous and largest island in the Tuscan archipelago

An island with a strong history, where Napoleon was exiled, where first the Etruscans and then the Romans exploited the local characteristics.

A rich island that over the centuries has proved excellent for viticulture, agriculture and of course fishing for all the native fishes.

Discover now the best Elba food & wine products!

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Isola del Giglio

Here life flows at a pace all its own among the small coves with crystal-clear sea water, and follows the nature and the seasons.

Is worth mentioning the cultivation of Ansonica wine, native to the island.

Discover Giglio Island

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