Panbriacone Toscano Pasticceria Bonci

A balanced recipe full of flavour, where every bite manages to encompass all the facets of taste that only a naturally processed ingredient can tell.


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Panbriacone Toscano Pasticceria Bonci, Tasting notes:

The new flavour of the oldest festivities is Panbriacone. A unique and sought-after combination: soft in texture, sweet in flavour and ‘strong’ in taste thanks to its liqueur soul.

 Pasticceria Bonci

In 1953 Giuseppe and Gino, sons of the soil, decided to become ‘shop boys’ and opened the first nucleus of the Bonci confectionery company, first a bakery, then a pastry shop, which in almost seventy years has carried forward confectionery traditions and production innovation. Remaining faithful to the confectionery tradition, today the company has developed new products and new techniques, also dedicating itself to chocolate, collaborating with master Michele Mezzasoma.


Soft wheat flour type 0, sugar, butter, selected sultanas 7%, pasteurised whole eggs, natural yeast, alcoholic syrup (alc. 14%vol.) of imbibition (water, sugar, ethyl alcohol, sultana wine concentrate, natural flavours) 27%; natural flavouring: natural vanilla extract, salt. In the same laboratory are processed and used: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, sesame, peanuts, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin.Product without preservatives or colouring agents.Nutrition statement per 100g:Energy 1353/321KJ/Kcal,Fats 10,6g,Of which saturated 6.6g,Monounsaturated fatty acids 4.6g,Carbohydrates 49g,Of which sugars 24,20g,Fibre 3.2g,Protein 7.5g,Salt 0.12g

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In 1953 Giuseppe and Gino, sons of the land, decided to become “shop boys” and opened the first nucleus of the Bonci bakery company, first bakery, then pastry shop, which in almost seventy years has carried on confectionery traditions and productive innovation.