Desire, need, idea and a lot of passione

We wanted to make True Tuscan Quality products available for everyone and everywhere, solving a consolidated problem that have been affecting Tuscany lovers and tourists ever since, the lack of a year-round solution to enjoy these authentic excellences.

In doing so, we also desired to support the local artisan companies that produce the best products of Tuscany.

These were the sparks that ignited in us the desire to share our Passione Toscana.

One cardinal point

The journey of Passione Toscana begins with a compass pointing to a single cardinal point, sharing the true and objective quality.
Ours is a real need and moral duty, to research and select only the best that Tuscany has to offer, thus ensuring an authentic experience for our customers.

We started in November 2019, with the trust of a few producers who saw (and still see) our Passione...

Quality & Authenticity

To ensure the highest quality we have not relied on our own knowledge or taste, but to differentiate ourselves we have created a selection process, together with a team of expert local chefs and sommeliers, that is based on selecting, tasting, and choosing only the best products from traditional, sustainable and 100% made in Tuscany companies.

They help us to discover only the best artisan producers in each corner of the region, thus creating the best selection of typical Tuscan products.

Who is behind Passione Toscana?

We have decide to embark on this journey together in 2019, but we have known each other since we were born (in Tuscany).

Tommaso Laurenti

Co-Founder - CEO

Leonardo Angelucci

Co-Founder - COO

The Team

We work every day to ensure te best possible service to our clients

Pierfrancesco Ciancagli

Lover of gastronomy and Tuscan Doc. manages the financials side of the company.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Alessio Laurenti

Recently arrived, is the organiser of warehouse operations in Italy

Today & Future

In a few years we have become a point of reference for those who love Tuscany.

We have gone from having 20 producers to more than 100 and from a selection of 50 products to more than 500.

We have gone through many difficulties, investing in ourselves, in technology and we have firmly believed in the absolute quality and resources of our region, continuing to improve our operations and our vision, reaching important milestones.

Today we sell in 26 countries around the world and we are expanding into new markets as well as our team, testing new solutions every day to always guarantee the best experience and to best communicate the work and passion of the craftsmen who shape the tradition of our region.

We continue to work, following our cardinal points to revolutionize the world of Tuscan food and wine tourism.

Next Steps & Milestones

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