Ghiaie Della Furba Capezzana



Grapes: cabernet sauvignon 50% merlot 25% syrah 25%


Aging: Up to 20 Years

Tasting Notes: Intense and elegant scents, Delicate tannins

Service Temperature 18° degrees

Storage: horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Ghiaie Della Furba Capezzana :

The SuperTuscan was created by Ugo Contini Bonacossi in 1979 with the idea of producing a Bordeaux blend in Carmignano. Ghiaie Della Furba: ghiaie means pebbles and Furba is the name of the River near this vineyard. Since 1998 it is made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah andMerlot.

About The Producer, Capezzana :

The Carmignano D.O.C. was designated in 1716 by Grand Duke Cosimo the3rd De‟ Medici, as one of the four best areas for vine-growing and winemaking in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, but around Capezzana, wines and olive oil have been produced for 3000 years.

In fact, there is a document that ascertains that around Capezzana people were officially  Farming since 804 A.D.

Alessandro Contini Bonacossi and his wife Vittoria bought the Estate In 1922. The first vintage in the cellar was the Villa di Capezzana 1925.

The new generation following the footsteps of Count Ugo, the founding father of Carmignano DOCG, has now taken the reins of the Tenuta Di Capezzana, continuing to produce excellent wines, as has always been done on the estate.

Carmignano is a small Tuscan area, where wine was produced since Etruscan times. it is also the Smallest Tuscan DOCG, recognized since the 1990 vintage, it’s one of the world’s first four appellations recognized in 1716 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

A Unique microclimate distinguishes Capezzana, which is situated northwest of Florence in an area surrounded by the Apennine Mountains And Mount Albano, characterized by temperature excursions even in the summer. Their wines are elegant and long-living.

The Tenuta Di Capezzana estate is 670 hectares: 78 of vineyards and 140 of olive groves.

Environmental methods are used at Capezzana as natural deterrents against grapes and olive pests, to avoiding the use of chemicals. Sustainable farming practices include exclusively organic fertilizers and the complete elimination of herbicides.

Capezzana’s vineyards all face different directions and are characterized by incredibly diversified types of soil: Clay, Limestone, Schist andMarl.

If you’re looking for the magic formula which makes their wines so special, you’ll find it in the great diversity of each vineyard’s soil and orientation that create extreme and fantastic biodiversity.

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