Peaches in Syrup Olivodoro

Excellent homemade organic Peaches in Syrup , made without the use of additives and other chemical substances, ideal for a rich and wholesome breakfast


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Ideal for your breakfasts or appetizers

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Peaches in Syrup Olivodoro

Choosing only the highest quality peaches to obtain an excellent finished product


The Olivodoro farm was established in 1972, in Suvereto. It selects and multiplies fruit and vegetable varieties suitable for artisanal processing and transformation into jams and marmalades, processing the freshly harvested fruit using vacuum technology, thus preserving the fruit and vegetables from oxidation and concentrating the fructose contained in the fruit itself, thus preserving the genuineness, integrity, flavour and unmistakable freshness of the fruit. Olivodoro products are therefore free of preservatives, pectin, gelatin and antioxidants.


Peaches in syrup, water, sugar, lemon juice

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Olivodoro’s products are free of preservatives, pectin, gelatin and antioxidants. The results are immediately exceptional and have led Roberto, the owner, to experiment every year with new jams and creams, up to the current catalog, well-stocked and suitable for every taste.