Chocolate and Orange biscuits Fratelli Lunardi

Excellent alternative to Tuscan cantucci, enchanting citrus notes in a fragrant chocolate cookie


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dessert wines and chocolate



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Cantucci Toscani Fratelli Lunardi, Tasting notes:

Tender cantucci with 25% chocolate and soft cubes of candied Italian orange, fragrant outside, tender inside, fragrant in every bite!


dark chocolate 25% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavor: vanilla), wheat flour type 0, candied orange 19% (orange zest, glucose syrup and sugar), sugar, eggs, butter (milk), whole milk, cocoa powder, leavening agent (cornstarch, cream of tartar, sodium bicarbonate), low-fat milk powder, sea salt, orange essential oil. May contain nuts, peanuts and sesame. Free of preservatives and dyes. Store in a cool, dry place. Origin flour: Tuscany-Italy; origin chocolate: Belgium; origin orange:Italy NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Average values 100g / 20g:Energy Value kcal 396 / 79,Fats 11.4g / 1.4g,of which saturated 6.5 / 1.3 g,Carbohydrates 66.3g / 13.3g,of which sugars 45g / 9g,Protein 5.8 / 1.2g,Salt 0.15g / 0.1g

Fratelli Lunardi

Fratelli Lunardi has been creating masterpieces of taste by hand since 1966. The touch is artisanal. Their biscuits are inspired by one of the oldest preparations of Tuscan cuisine: cantucci. For years they have been enjoying themselves and experimenting in their workshop in Quarrata, in the province of Pistoia. There are now five flavors, made up of imagination and years of experience. Each one has a main ingredient as a protagonist, for a balanced recipe full of flavour, where every bite manages to encompass all the facets of taste that only a naturally processed ingredient can tell.

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