Certificate of Quality

Our team of expert chefs & sommeliers select the best products and producers of the territory for Passione Toscana.

They continuously test the products to ensure the highest quality.

In addition to product quality, the following are examinated: Work ethic, Origin of raw materials, Sustainability and respect for traditions.

Our Tuscany taste advisor

Sommelier Advices

Andrea Cappelli Choices

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Chefs Advices

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High Quality

We continually taste new products that we select thanks to the advice of the best chefs and sommeliers, that's how we guarantee High-Quality Food&Wine products

Secure Payments

Paypal, Visa and Mastercard Circuit are here to protect your payment and your money! We do also accept Bank Transfer

Worldwide shipping

If you are interested in our products but the country of delivery is not in our list, there are no problems, send us an email to info@passionetoscana.com to place an order


Safe shipments thanks to packaging specially designed and 100% safe. For our packaging we use cardboard, so they are fully recyclable and sustainable

Shipping Methods

Basic Shipping (3-7 working days)
Fast Shipping, (3-5 working days)
Express Shipping by Airplane,(48H)