Located in the Tuscan Maremma, a vast hilly area stretching to the border of Lazio, is Saturnia, a place famous for its thermal springs with beneficial properties. The thermal waters flow from the earth at a constant temperature of 37.5 °C, and are rich in minerals including magnesium sulphate, bicarbonate and calcium; like those of many other thermal resorts around the world, they are famous for their healing powers. The reason for this lies in the chemical composition of the thermal waters, as they are naturally rich in minerals and trace elements, which accumulate in the underground rocks and are diluted in the water during the underground journey through the aquifers that the thermal water makes before emerging to the surface. These minerals and trace elements, present in higher concentrations than in normal drinking water, can have therapeutic and healing properties for the skin, respiratory system, circulation and joints, making the Saturnia thermal baths an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and wellness.

Saturnia’s thermal water is particularly rich in sulphur, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, can help reduce the symptoms of certain skin diseases, such as psoriasis, and can also promote the healing of small wounds and skin lesions.
In addition, the waters are rich in other substances, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, which may have therapeutic properties for the human body. For example, calcium and magnesium are important for healthy bones and muscles, while sodium and potassium are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.
Exposure to these waters can have a relaxing and regenerating effect on the body and mind. In fact, immersing oneself in warm, regenerating waters, surrounded by the beauty of the surrounding nature, can have a positive effect on psychophysical wellbeing, reducing stress and muscle tension and promoting relaxation.
The thermal baths of Saturnia have been known since ancient times, as evidenced by traces of Etruscan and Roman settlements in the surrounding area. In Roman times, they were a holiday resort for the empire’s elite, who specifically chose Saturnia to treat themselves and spend leisure time there. Today, they are a modern wellness centre equipped with all the necessary facilities to guarantee a complete wellness experience where everyone can relax and enjoy a unique and enviable stay. Among the various activities on offer, one can find massages, spa treatments, wellness courses, saunas, steam baths, thermal pools and much more. The Saturnia wellness centre also offers the possibility of customising treatments according to the individual needs of each guest, satisfying even the most demanding of clients.

But Saturnia is not only a synonym for thermal wellness: the surrounding area offers a series of attractions worth discovering. The historical centre, for instance, is a real treasure, with its narrow cobbled streets and stone houses with colourful façades that make the village a picturesque setting. The town’s main attractions are the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, the Aldobrandesque Fortress and the Archaeological Museum.
Saturnia is located in a vast area that is ideal for hiking or cycling to discover the beautiful natural landscapes of the Maremma, along the paths of the Maremma Natural Park, which stretches between the mouth of the river Ombrone and the mouth of the river Albegna.
In culinary terms, the area is famous for its oldest traditions, which are linked to the area’s typical peasant culture. One of the typical dishes is bean soup, prepared with borlotti beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic and toasted Tuscan bread. Another traditional dish is scottiglia, a guazzetto of mixed pork, lamb and beef, cooked with seasonal vegetables. In addition, Saturnia is known for its production of fine wines, including Morellino di Scansano and Montecucco, which go perfectly with traditional local dishes.
Saturnia is a place that offers much more than its thermal baths: it is a place to discover the beauty of nature, history and traditions of the Tuscan Maremma. Thanks to its strategic location, it is also an excellent base for discovering other localities in the area, such as Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, three medieval villages that are well worth a visit.
All in all, this village is a place that manages to combine natural beauty and thermal wellness with the traditions and culture of the Tuscan Maremma, offering its visitors a complete and unforgettable experience.

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