Typical Tuscan Products: Passione Toscana's TOP10

Imagine being on holiday in Tuscany, dining in one of the many typical restaurants, along the coast, in the countryside, in the hills or in the mountains, tasting wonderful local food and wine products and falling in love with these  Typical Tuscan  products to the point that you can no longer give up those flavors.
Now imagine going to your usual supermarket, to your trusted wine shop and to the best gourmet-shop in your city, just looking for those typical products, without being able to find those authentic flavors that so much had made you fall in love with Tuscany …

From today it will no longer be a problem, because Passione Toscana was born to satisfy this need!

But which are the best Typical Tuscan Products?


Let’s take a step back, because before talking about typical Tuscan products, we find it necessary to talk a bit about Tuscany and why typical Tuscan products are so special. 

Tuscany, a wild and uncontaminated land, is the “home” of many exceptional typical products, just think of the numerous certifications present in this magnificent territory. 

Thanks to its particular geographical conformation, Tuscany is naturally predisposed to the “birth” of various types of typical products.

Tuscany can in fact boast: 16 DOP, 15 IGP, 41 DOC, 11 DOCG and 6 IGT. 

Below you will find the Top 10 of  Typical Tuscan Products According to the Passione Toscana Team, read the article and find out which typical Tuscan product we have reserved the first place!

10: Fagiolo Di Sorana - Sorana Bean

To open our TOP10 of typical Tuscan products we have chosen Fagiolo Di Sorana, perhaps a product unknown to many, but a source of pride for the inhabitants of Pescia, in the province of Pistoia. 

The sorana bean can in fact be grown exclusively in small strips of land along the Pescia stream.

An optimal altitude, between 200 and 750 m above sea level, an abundance of scarcely calcareous water, a good percentage of humidity in the air and an excellent exposure to the sun. Moreover, the well drained, loose and sandy soils allow a fortunate combination of different elements that contribute to the birth of the mythical Fagiolo Di Sorana.

Harvesting, by hand, usually takes place in September. The beans are then exposed to the sun for 3/4 days to complete the drying process.

During the winter they are stored in special containers with the addition of pepper grains, valerian roots or bay leaves.

Tasty and very digestible, it is the protagonist of many recipes but the best way to taste it is cooked “in the flask”, that is in glass containers with a large mouth commonly called “Gozzi”.

Pearly, small and with a very thin skin it is impossible to change it for other types of beans.

 Discover here the Sorana Bean: Fagiolo Di Sorana

9: Finocchiona Toscana

If you say Toscana, you say Finocchiona, since forever. The origin of this wonderful Tuscan “sausage” is in fact very ancient. It is said that in Chianti, during the Middle Ages there were vintages that were not very favorable for the local wine producers, who, in order to mask the defects of their wines, began to flavor the sliced meats with wild fennel seeds, to make the wine more pleasant at the first sip.

. The result was instead sensational and from the beginning the term finocchiona (the term finocchiona was born at the end of the 19th century) was used both by the chefs of the great Tuscan families and by the poorest taverns. 

The finocchiona is therefore a sausage that satisfies everyone, so much is its goodness.

Made of lean pork meat, chosen, it is minced together with a bit of lard with a coarser grain than sausage; flavoured with pepper, salt and wild fennel, it is then stuffed and matured for at least a month. When cut it is pinkish-red in colour and smells of wild fennel.

All these aspects, in addition to the quality of the product itself, have convinced us to include the product in our TOP10 of Typical Tuscan Products.

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8: Cipolla Di Certaldo - Certaldo Onions

Slow Food Presidium, the Certaldo onion has also been included in the coat of arms of the city from which it takes its name. It can therefore be considered a founding element of the city’s identity; symbol and flag of a peasant civilization with ancient traditions.

Also mentioned by Giovanni Boccaccio in the sixth book of the Decameron, it has always been cultivated on the land around the small medieval village of Certaldo. 

Red onion of sweet and particular taste, round in shape with characteristic crushing at the poles, red-purplish colour with reddish-white inner tunics and medium-large size.

History, unique organoleptic characteristics and one of the most prized flavours make the Certaldo onion one of the typical Tuscan products most loved by the best chefs, so much so that it has earned the prestigious Slow Food award.

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7: Olive Oil from Tuscany

Anyone who lives in Tuscany or otherwise frequents it often, knows this. The Tuscan oil is among the best in the world, and has an undisputed record.

Produced for thousands of years, the Tuscan oil is the basis of many typical recipes, which without the addition of an oil of the highest quality, would not be so special.
What is amazing, in addition to the quality of the oil produced almost by hand in the grandfather’s land, are the specialized producers who win many awards every year with their monocultivar oils and their blends.

In Tuscany it is produced in every province, in every municipality and although each area has its own characteristics, the average quality is so high as to obscure other regions of Italy, even the most suitable.

It was really difficult for us to place Tuscan oil in our TOP10 of typical products; the only thing certain was that it deserved a place in this list of excellence.

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6: Sangiovese: Brunello Di Montalcino, Chianti Classico e Nobile Di Montepulciano

Tuscan wine, like olive oil, is produced everywhere, in every province and in every municipality.

However, there are realities that are impossible to connect to others, both for history and for fame and quality.

When you talk about Tuscan wine, you immediately think of them: Brunello Di Montalcino, Nobile Di Montepulciano and Chianti Classico.

These wonderful wines, based on Sangiovese (the most important and famous native grape variety) are among the most representative of the region; therefore, they need no introduction or explanation about their widespread presence in our TOP10 of Typical Tuscan Products.

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5: Pecorino Di Pienza


In a magical land like Val d’Orcia, in the municipalities of Pienza and Montepulciano, one of the best typical Tuscan products is produced: the Pecorino di Pienza.

What gives quality and taste to this Tuscan product, in addition to the quality and goodness of the sheep farmer, is a single aspect: the Val d’Orcia, or rather, the herbs that grow in the Crete Senesi of the territory, which grow nowhere else in the world.

Strongly linked to territoriality, the Pecorino di Pienza, is also strongly linked to seasonality.

These wild herbs, which are exclusively fed by local sheep, change according to the season: the result is a cheese that is always different and that knows how to amaze with flavours and smells that are never the same or trivial.

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white truffles

4: White Truffle from San Miniato

The food of kings, the tuber magnatum pico is a mushroom which grows underground, a few centimetres from the surface, in very few (and very lucky) areas all over Italy.
For quality and quantity, the white truffle of San Miniato is second only to that of Alba, in Piedmont.

The harvest begins at the end of October and lasts a maximum of 3 months.
Each family of truffle hunters jealously guard their paths in the woods and their secrets for training truffle dogs.

Served on the most prestigious tables in the world, the white truffle of San Miniato also boasts some records, which convinced us to place it in fourth place in our TOP10 of typical Tuscan products.

The white truffle, the largest ever found: a fragrant tuber weighing 2,520 grams, was donated in 1954 to US President Eisenhower and was found in the thick woods of San Miniato.

Check our Fresh Truffle Selection and our Truffle Products:Tuscan Truffles

3: Cantucci and Vin Santo

They could not miss, as at the end of every respectable Tuscan lunch or dinner, the timeless cantucci and vin santo, to which we have dedicated the third place in our Top10 of typical Tuscan products.

Sons of the poorest peasant traditions, the cantucci and vin santo are an excellent combination that is recognized everywhere as a symbol and pride of Tuscany.

Cantucci are the most famous almond biscuits in the world, they are produced in every area of Tuscany, and each bakery has its own recipe, secret and different from the others.

Speaking of the Vin Santo del Chianti Classico, however, it must be said that it can only be produced in the Chianti Classico area and only using the Malvasia Bianca and Trebbiano Toscano grapes.

Check our Vin Santo and Our Cantucci Selection! 

2: Lardo Di Colonnata

 In second place we find Lardo di Colonnata, a unique, unrepeatable product with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

The pork lard seasoned in the small village of Colonnata perched in the Apuan Alps, in the province of Carrara, has particular characteristics that make it unique in the world.
To provide these unique qualities to Lardo di Colonnata are mainly 3 factors:

  • The climate: Colonnata is located 550 meters above sea level and nestled between marble quarries and chestnut woods. It is characterized by an ideal microclimate for the long maturation of the product (minimum six months, but also two or more years) which takes place in marble basins (basins) at natural temperature (without forced conditioning).
  • Marble: ageing in the living walls, breathing or the use of inert containers, made of steel or plastic, are certainly not the same thing. So not all marbles are the same: you have to know how to choose the right one, i.e. the fine-grained one in the basin of Canaloni di Colonnata.
  • The extraordinary variety of local aromatic herbs and spices used in the preparation phase (no additives, preservatives or aroma are allowed), although the ancient procedure is handed down from generation to generation. Curing takes place for at least 6 months in marble “basins”: specifically in sculpted blocks of white marble. The lard put there together with salt and various spices produces a “brine” that preserves and maintains it for years.

All these magical aspects have convinced us to include Lardo di colonnata in the second place of our TOP10 of Typical Tuscan Products.

Buy online the best Lard from Colonnata: Lardo Di Colonnata

1: Masseto e Sassicaia

The two most famous Italian wines in the world are Toscani: Masseto of the Frescobaldi family and Sassicaia of the Marchesi Antinori. 

We could not fail to reward these legendary wines with the first position of our TOP10 of the best typical Tuscan products.

Both sons of a unique territory like Bolgheri have passed into the hands of exceptional, far-sighted and stubborn entrepreneurs. Masseto and Sassicaia represent Italy, and Tuscany, in the world and are the only wines that can compete (and very often win) against their French cousins in the best international competitions.

Masseto and Sassicaia, Sassicaia and Masseto, are wines that only by pronouncing them, manage to excite and warm the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world.

Click here for the best selection of Tuscan Red Wines: Top Wines of Tuscany

This is the TOP10 of the Typical Tuscan Products according to us of Passione Toscana, what do you think?

Let us know which is your favourite typical Tuscan product and which is your TOP10! Share this article with your friends and discover their TOP10!

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