When you taste Tenuta San Carlo rice, you can taste the flavors of
Maremma. Located in the floodplain of the Ombrone river, inside the
Maremma Park, Tenuta San Carlo is immersed in one of the most natural
and unspoiled landscapes of Tuscany. To produce top quality rice, they
listen to the land and work with nature, instead of against it. From
the preparation of the soil, to the selection of the seed and the
timing of the harvest, they follow a sustainability ethic and pay
close attention to detail in every phase of the process.

Tenuta San Carlo rice is produced following strict organic
regulations. Instead of using herbicides, pesticides and fungicides,
the farmers at Tenuta San Carlo take extra care to prepare the soil
several months before planting to naturally avoid the growth of weeds
and other issues that could hinder a healthy harvest. To improve the
quality and fertility of the soil, they use techniques such as plant
cover and crop rotation.

On its journey from their farm to your table, Tenuta San Carlo rice
undergoes an artisanal stone processing method that ensures the rice
kernels maintain their quality during cooking. Tenuta San Carlo
produces two rice varieties: Carnaroli, which is perfect for risotto,
and Ribe, which is ideal for sides, soups, and salads.

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