Wild boar sausages Montalcino Salumi

Authentic Tuscan flavour.


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Goes best with:

a Tuscan red wine and some semi-mature pecorino cheese



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How to use the Salame di Montalcino :

Salami is mainly used au naturel, accompanied by bread and cheese. It can be used in many rustic recipes to flavour savoury pies.

Pork meat, wild boar meat, salt, pepper, dextrose, natural flavorings, spices sucrose, E300 antioxidant, E252, E250 preservatives, Allergen and gluten-free product. NUTRITIONAL VALUES EU Regulation 1169/2011 Product (g) 100 gr Energy (Kj/Kcal) 1677 Kj -403Kcal Protein (g) 36 gr Fats (g) of which saturated 29gr – of which saturated 11 gr Carbohydrates (g) of which sugars lt;0,5gr-thereof sugars lt;0,5 g Moisture % 27,20% Salt 6,2 gr

The history of Montalcino Salumi:

The Montalcino Salumi company was created more than 15 years ago by a group of people with considerable experience in the field of pork meat processing. The company deals with the production of quality Tuscan cold cuts. They are known for processing pork and wild boar meat and for producing salumi with traditional allergen- and gluten-free flavours. Their cured meats are made from carefully selected meat from farms organised in strict compliance with hygiene and nutritional standards.

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Montalcino Salumi is a delicatessen and ham factory, they are specialized in the processing and preservation of hams, various cold cuts and cooked products based on selected and genuine raw materials.