White Truffle Cream Simone Fabrizzi 25g


White Truffle Cream 25g Simone Fabrizzi

The White Truffle Cream is the Regina sauce made with white truffle. the truffle cream is the ideal condiment to give an extra touch to risottos, stuffed pasta, meat and beef fillet.

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The Best Italian Truffle : White Truffle Cream Simone Fabrizzi

White Truffle Cream: the right choice for a refined dressing that features the precious white truffle and an aroma capable of transforming the flavors of the most classic recipes.
A fine-grained cream that makes it perfect to complete refined dishes such as risotto with truffle cream and fillet in cream of white truffle, two of the dishes that are more exalted by truffle cream.
The secret lies in the quality of raw materials. The white truffle cream we offer is the result of the mixing of Tuscan white truffles.
The truffle cream is the right choice for those who do not want to renounce the white truffle when it is out of season: the cream preservation mode allows to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the truffle, giving the possibility to eat it all year round!
Truffle cream: tips for users
to make a white truffle enthusiast happy, truffle cream is an original and taste gift idea
the recommended amount of truffle cream per person for a first course is 15gr each, but remember that truffle cream is never enough!
to make better use of the truffle cream, add some butter and lightly heat it in a pan.

Why is The Italian White Truffle so Expensive?

Let’s remember first of all that the truffle cannot be cultivated, truffle has always given bad results, so it must be found and it is not easy, given that the quantity of truffles available depends on environmental and seasonal factors. A vintage is not the same as another: in order for a good truffle harvest to be necessary, both the type of soil and the rainfall, and the changes in temperatures are favorable, otherwise, the crop is scarce.
In fact, the white truffle can only be found in clayey, humid, soft, calcium-rich soils that are found in areas close to waterways and where there is good air circulation. Moreover, being a symbiotic mushroom, it grows in association with certain trees, in particular near beeches, oaks, poplars, lime trees and other types of deciduous trees. It is also very delicate, must be handled with extreme care and transported wrapped in cotton wool and in any case must be constantly monitored so that it does not get damaged. Once harvested it must be consumed within three weeks at most.
Being a scarcely available product, the price of the white truffle is always quite high, but it can increase even more if there is a strong demand. It is the basic law of the economy, the relationship between supply and demand, and in the case of truffles, the supply is reduced, especially in negative years when temperatures and rainfall have not been favorable for its harvest, which, among the other, it lasts only a few months, from the end of the summer to the beginning of winter.

About The Producer, Simone Fabrizzi :

The company Fabrizzi Simone is located in the beautiful village of Pienza, in the heart of the Val d’Orcia. The company was founded thanks to the passion of Fabrizzi Guerrino for the search for truffles that, since the ’60s, with his dog, was collecting precious tubers. As often happens, so much passion has been handed down to the son who, growing up, began to hunt truffles with his father. Since 2009, the company is led by his son, Fabrizzi Simone, who continues the family tradition by opening an artisan workshop to work and transform the fresh truffle into sauces and truffle oils. The purpose of the company is to be able to taste the truffle all year round, creating genuine and fantastic products.

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