Vin Santo La Chimera Castello Di Monsanto 375ml


Vin Santo La Chimera  Castello Di Monsanto

Vinsanto is the product that more than anything else is linked to the tradition and the history of agriculture in our territory.

2007 Vintage
Perfect with dry pastries, especially with cantucci
Trebbiano 50% Malvasia 50%
up to 20 Years
Fruity and spiced
10-12°  Degrees
horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Vin Santo La Chimera  Castello Di Monsanto

Vinsanto consists of 50% Trebbiano Toscano and 50% Malvasia Bianca. After a selected harvest the grapes go ashore until the end of January.
fermentation started and the grapes are put in the 55 and 110 liters of oak barrels where it matures for a period of 8/10 years with a succession of alternating fermentation phases.

Vin Santo Chianti Classico

Although Castello di Monsanto is known for many different wines, its Vin Santo is one of the company flags!
Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico is a passito wine DOC whose production is allowed in the provinces of Florence and Siena.
The grapes destined for Vin Santo production are left to dry in racks or on straw, usually in well-ventilated areas and placed under the roof for a few months, usually until January following the harvest. Aeration is very important during the drying phase as it favors the evaporation of water from the berries, but above all it prevents the formation of dangerous molds. The dried grapes are then pressed and the musts left to ferment in small barrels of about 50 liters for 8-10 years. The barrels are placed under the roof, where the musts undergo the alternation of often extreme variations in temperature with the alternation of the seasons.

How To Use Vin Santo ?

Vin Santo should be tasted in small passito wine glasses at a temperature of 8-12 ° C. The product is usually bottled after decanting, so it will hardly contain any residues. Moreover, being a naturally oxidized wine, it does not require oxygenation before tasting.

Vin Santo is a Dessert Wine, excellent accompaniment to pastry preparations, especially to traditional Tuscan Cantucci. The “Cantucci and Vin Santo” are a nice way to close a dinner or enjoy a moment of relaxation. The Vin Santo is also ideal with the typical Tuscan sweets, Ricciarelli di Siena, Buccellato (cake with raisins and aniseed) or the traditional castagnaccio. Outside the box, Vin Santo can also be an excellent aperitif or combined with blue cheeses such as sweet gorgonzola. Vin Santo is also excellent as a meditation wine, giving moments of great pleasure.

About The Producer:

There are two places in Monsanto that capture every visitor for the charm and the magic that is perceived: the Poggio’s hill and the historic cellar of the ‘700.

Being able to transmit at least a tenth of the emotions you experience visiting the Monsanto winery is very difficult. The aromas, the echoes, the silences, the layers of noble molds make it a unique place that deserves at least one visit.

The company has its origin from here. So from a climb on the Poggio and from a descent into the cellar, the idea of making a Cru in Chianti Classico was born for the first time. It was 1962 when the first 6,000 bottles of the Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggio were produced.

Of the 72 hectares planted with vineyards, between 260 and 310 meters s.l.m., 56 ha are in Sangiovese, the vine in which the company has deeply believed from the beginning. The Sangiovese clones present in the vineyards come from a mass selection of vines found in the vineyard Il Poggio, “the mother” of all the vineyards of Monsanto. In a small percentage are then present the two historical vines of the Chianti Classico vine: Canaiolo and Colorino.

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