Villa Magra Frantoio Franci 3L


Vintage 2021

Franci’s Villamagra extra-virgin olive oil is the symbol of the Franci company. the first oil created by them was in fact released under this label. It takes its name from the centuries-old olive grove destroyed by the 1985 frost and replanted in 1987 on the hill of Montenero d’Orcia with a north, north-east exposure.

elegant and powerful, clean scent of green olive, fresh and pungent herbaceous with hints of artichoke and thistle, elegant notes of roasted coffee dominate the olfactory base.

The taste is harmonious with a powerful and rich vegetable charge in which artichoke and thistle stand out. Decisive and balanced bitter and spicy notes, rich in persistent aromatic waves, fine and elegant retronasal.

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About the producer, Frantoio Franci:

The production of Frantoio Franci extra virgin olive oil began almost 70 years ago on the hill of Montenero d’Orcia in Tuscany, on the slopes of Mount Amiata.

All Frantoio Franci labels follow a well-defined quality standard in terms of organoleptic characteristics and chemical parameters, which guarantee the consumer continuity of quality from year to year: oils that do not meet the targets are downgraded.

For this reason, every year their extra virgin olive oils are among the most awarded in the world.

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