Tuscan Chestnut Cream Le Macchie Alte 200gr


Ideal for a healthy breakfast, for a snack or to accompany savory and aged cheeses.

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Tuscan Chestnut Cream Le Macchie Alte

Ingredients: 64% chestnuts, 36% cane sugar, vanilla.

How to use the Chestnut Cream ?

chestnut cream is excellent on toasted bread. It is also good with ice cream, yogurt or cheese. Of course, you can also find yourself eating straight from the jar!

About the Producer, Le Macchie Alte :

Le Macchie Alte is an organic farm of 420 hectares. Pigm. Cows, wild boars and the famous “Cinta Senese” pigs. Nestled deep in the rolling hills of the Tuscan Maremma area.

Extra virgin olive oil, honey, Maremma veal and cinta senese pigs, sauces, creams for croutons and jams, soups are the result of their work. The company philosophy is based on the idea that a healthy product is born from a healthy territory!
All this is guaranteed by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) which in 1997 certified the entire organic company as well as its products.

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Ingredienti: castagne 64%, zucchero di canna 36%*, vaniglia. *da Agricoltura Biologica (36%).

Energia 818kj / 193kcal
di cui grassi saturi 0.1g
di cui zuccheri 46.5g
Proteine 1.35g
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