Truffle Balsamic Vinegar 100ml Tartufi Nacci


Balsamic vinegar with truffles is perfect to season your favorite dishes! give the best on salads, meat and fish!

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Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar with truffles is perfect to season your favorite dishes! give the best on salads, meat and fish!

Italian Truffle :

Central Italy is the first destination for a trip to discover the most delicious truffles, in fact, the small village of San Miniato (in the province of Pisa) is famous for the collection of fine white truffles, but also for other types of truffles (Tartufo) black and Bianchetto Truffle). These wonderful products are available on Tuscan passion throughout the year thanks to the special processing by the manufacturer.

Italian Balsamic Vinegar :

A 100% natural product, exclusively made from Tuscan Sangiovese short bunches grapes. In the vineyards, grapes are still picked by hand at the right stage of ripeness, healthy and defects free, in order to preserve the integrity and enhance the flavor characteristics, natural sugars and acids. The vinification, preparation of musts and fermentations themselves are constantly monitored and conducted in a natural way, additive and preservative free, in order to obtain a high-quality natural flavoring and preserving the grape peculiarities from which it derives.
The most important step of the process is the acetic fermentation, performed with surface static method that reminds Orleans’ method. It is a very slow method, it doesn’t stress the product and it allows to exalt aromas and specific flavors.
This choice means a significant energy saving compared to “industrial methods”.

About The Producer, Tartufi Nacci :

From generation to generation, the Tartufi Nacci Company collects all the varieties of truffles that grow in the heart of Tuscany and that are still gathered today with the help of specially trained dogs with patience, love and the knowledge of secrets handed down only by fathers to sons.

The experience gained over the years, the passion, the seriousness allow the company to offer the best fresh and preserved truffles, so as to savor its refined taste and satisfy the most demanding palates in all seasons.

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Ingredients and additives: Balsamic vinegar of Modena 35% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must caramel E150D), water, glucose syrup, sugar, thickener:
corn starch, E415, white truffle flavouring 0.3%, antioxidant: E224.

GMO: The product is GMO free according to Reg: 1829/2003/CE -1830/2.
Allergens: Contains Sulfites.

Nutritional information: Energy Kcal . 153,5 Fats: 0g
Indicative per 100 ml. Of Kj . 640,1 of which saturated: 0g
product Protein 0,4g Cholesterol 0g
Carbohydrates 40.5g Transgenic 0g
of which sugars 40.,5g Sodium: 0,024g


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