Terre D’Alviero Montecucco Salustri


Terre D’alviero Montecucco Salustri is the company Flagship Wine!

Roasted and braised red meats, game and aged cheeses
Sangiovese 100%
over 15 years
Intense red ruby, Varieties of black cherry and violet, but also of wet earth and undergrowth as well as sweet spices Taste Strong, full-bodied but agile, elegant, subtle and persistent flavor

Horizontally, in a dark place without changes of temperature

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Terre D’Alviero Salustri Montecucco DOC

Grapes per hectare: 25 quintals
Harvest period: mid-September
Fermentation: in 22 hl oak vats
Permanence in the skins: about 20 days
Fermentation temperature: free up to a maximum of 30 ° C
Aging: in 25 HL oak barrels for 24 months
Bottle aging period: 24 months

The vineyard of “Terre d’Alviero” is a Sangiovese plot of about one hectare and is one of the oldest vineyards of Poggio del Sasso. Planted in the early 1950s with the country’s clones, handed down for generations through the practice of grafting, it is bred with simple guyot. The land on which it stands is a sandstone boulder fractured with a slight slope towards the south. The average production of his grapes slightly exceeds twenty-five quintals per year

About the Producer, Salustri :

The Salustri farm extends in the heart of the Maremma, on the slopes of Monte Amiata, in a territory beaten by the winds of the sea whose ideal microclimate has always allowed organic farming.
It is here that the Salustri family has been dedicated to agriculture for generations, producing quality wines and oil, respecting the environment and traditions of the Maremma.

All the winemaking and maturation processes of the cellar take place in full respect of the integrity of the raw material. The clone used in the company’s vineyards (Sangiovese Salustri clone) was recovered from the old vineyards planted at the beginning of the century by Secondo Salustri. The Salustri family is committed to the preservation of indigenous clones in collaboration with the University of Oenology of Pisa, in particular with the team of Prof. Scalabrelli, with whom various projects are underway in experimental vineyards planted in the 1990s.

The vineyards of the Salustri Company, planted in the 1950s and 1960s and recovered in the 1990s, are treated with great care by Leonardo Salustri, with biological methods and using the same techniques that have always been used in this part of the Maremma.

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