Sfratto Di Pitigliano Dolci Tradizioni 100g


The Sfratto Di Pitigliano is a sweet born from the union between Jewish culture and Tuscany. In the seventeenth century, in fact, thanks to an edict of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo II dei Medici, the Jews who lived in the tuff hills (Pitigliano and Sorano) were confined to the ghetto of Pitigliano, around the synagogue.
The Sfratto Di Pitigliano was born as a typical Christmas sweet but today it is produced and consumed all year round.

Important: the products of Dolci Tradizioni are handmade and made especially for the customers of Passione Toscana. In case you order larger quantities than those indicated on the site, and therefore available in stock, there may be a waiting time (1-2 days) for the artisan processing of the product.

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About the producer, Dolci Tradizioni :

a small family-run business that cares about the search for authenticity through the taste of the oldest traditional Tuscan sweets and pastry, and more specifically of the Maremma.

Made with homemade recipes handed down from generation to generation and sometimes fallen into disuse, the sweets and pastry of the company Dolci Tradizioni di Grosseto are genuine, without colorants, thickeners and preservatives and especially handmade, as per tradition.

A long journey of studies travels and “chatting” in the places where these typical Tuscan sweets and pastry originate, treasuring the traditional recipes and secrets of each place.

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