Senti Oh Fontuccia


Perfect with seafood!
Ansonica Isola Del Giglio 100%
4 years
intense and bright straw yellow

Iodine and mineral are the basis of this wine, on which it is have intense and clear hints of Apricot and Peach, pleasantly supported by floral notes of Chamomile.

Giglio and Ansonica, sapid, mineral, structured and enveloping always in balance with a pleasant freshness. The plot barely noticeable tannic, identifies him unmistakable son of the Giglio island.

Horizontally, in a dark place without changes of temperature

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Senti Oh Fontuccia, Giglio Island Wine:

The Senti Oh! it is the first wine of the company, it is the beginning of the journey during which they have been listening to the places and people who have dedicated everything on the island life to their passion, to that viticulture that today we call “heroic”. An archaic knowledge that they have chosen to protect, enhancing specificities and the beauty of their territory with this wine made exclusively with ansonic grapes from the island of Giglio, grown in a few sunny hectares and overlooking the sea. The Feel Oh! it is a perfect synthesis between tradition and trend.

About The Producer, Fontuccia :

La Fontuccia takes its name from the sunny plot of land of their first vineyard.
Here their story began, and here the first bottle of Senti Oh!
Since 2009, the lands of the island of lily have been able to donate unique wines for grace and power and the Ansonica grape that they cultivate, rooted in the lily since ancient times, represents the synthesis of millenary stories and traditions.

Their vineyards are small terraces of dry stone walls between the granite rocks overlooking the sea, can only be reached on foot with steep paths, the harvest is only manual, the yields are low but the grapes are very rich in perfumes. Thus were born our wines, which grow exclusively in their own vineyards scattered on the island in unique and suitable locations: Fontuccia, Cape ’Rosso, Olivello, Franco and our latest Le Grotte vineyard.

Their wines have a beautiful authentic story to tell.

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