Riserva Acetaia Di Castagneto

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The Condiment Riserva from Castagneto Carducci. The Best and the stronghest Vinegar from Acetaia Di Castagneto.

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The Condiment Riserva Acetaia Di Castagneto :

Low-acidity condiment, with a dark, intense and glossy colour and great depth of tone. The bouquet of aromas is complex and persistent with sharp balsamic notes. The taste is robust and harmonious with clearly distinctive fruity scents. The condiment is worked following ancient traditional methods starting with a skilful blend of the best musts cooked with the addition of wine vinegar made from Tuscan grapes. The must is cooked slowly over medium heat, according to the rites of tradition. Ageing in precious wooden barrels imparts an enveloping and balanced fragrance and taste and also makes it more viscous. It is an extremely versatile product, excellent for seasoning fresh salads. oil dips, and vegetable and risotto based frst courses. It enhances the favours of boiled or grilled meat. and accompanies mature cheeses. The mellow taste goes well with ice cream,
cream and fresh fruit.


About the Producer, Acetaia Di Castagneto :

Riccardo, the owner, and the first to believe in this project was born in this beautiful part of Tuscany called “The Etruscan Coast”. The Etruscan Coast is an area rich in vineyards with a culinary tradition dating back to Roman times. In my land, the Italian sunshine, the healthy dry air of the Mediterranean, the richness of the Tuscan land, the devotion of Tuscan people and our traditions allow them to make products of the highest quality.  Riccardo’s dream is to bring these products to your home and allow the favours of our land to enrich your dishes. Since Riccardo does this for you, he will always endeavor to excel. In the heart of Tuscany, Acetaia di Castagneto was founded with the intention of creating a refined, high-quality product, produced from the finest grapes and made following the rules of old traditions. A natural, authentic condiment, that enhances favors and colors and arouses emotions, evokes memories and stops time…

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