Perlato Del Bosco Bianco Tua Rita


Vintage: 2019

Grapes: Vermentino 100%

Alcohol: 13%

Aging: Up to 3 Years

Tasting Notes: White peach scents and yellow plum flavors on the harmonious nose with a little twist of flower,followed by aromatic fruit flavors, roasted almonds and citrusy elements such as mandarin zest and lemon – mint tones. With a fine minerality towards.

Service Temperature 13° degrees

Storage: horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

Perlato Del Bosco Bianco Tua Rita :

Represents Tua Rita’s interpretation of the white grape variety par excellence on the Tuscan coast: vermentino

About the producer, Tua Rita :

When, in 1984, Rita and Virgilio decided to buy what would become your Rita, those lands and buildings were only to be the setting for a place to live in contact with nature, cultivating their own land. But the overwhelming passion for wine definitely changed things.

From the original 2 hectares of vineyards, cultivated from the beginning with the utmost rigour and which placed Tua Rita among the first happy Italian experiences built on the model of the “vin de garage”, in the space of about ten years it reached 9, then 20, at the beginning of the new millennium, to reach the current 30 hectares of vineyards with the increasing awareness of the potential of that land, located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Metalliferous Hills, which is called Val di Cornia.

And if agronomic and winery management could not progress without the commitment of Rita and Virgilio, that of image and marketing could not develop without the work of Stefano Frascolla, husband of Simena, daughter of the owners, she too, after the death of Virgilio, in 2010, engaged in business management.

The name of the company is due to a simple inversion between the name and surname of Rita Tua.

The breeding system alternates simple spurred cordon to double spurred cordon and the density of plants per hectare varies between 5,000 and 9,000 strains.

The fundamental objective is to help plants defend themselves, first of all by ensuring the health of the soil and the environment.

The soils of Tua Rita, arranged on a slight hill with a constant slope, are mainly composed of skeleton (stones, rocks), clay, silt, sand and, above all, a rich set of mineral microelements.

The farm is in fact located in that part of the territory of the high Maremma that takes the name of metalliferous hills.

A characteristic that leaves an unmistakable trait in the wines of Tua Rita, aromatically distinguished by original ferrous notes and, to the taste, by a beautiful saline character.

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