Peperi BBQ and Roast spices 80g


How many times have you found yourself making a roast or a braise without the right seasoning spices? Peperi is the solution!

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Peperi BBQ and Roast spices 80g

The solutions to all the BBQ and Roast lovers! Inside this Tuscan jar, you’ll find everything you need to season your favorite dishes!

About the producer, Olivodoro Suvereto :

The Olivodoro farm was founded in 1972, in Suvereto.

The company selects and multiplies varieties of fruit and vegetables suitable for artisan processing and transformation into jams and marmalades, working the freshly harvested fruit with vacuum technology, thus preserving the fruit and vegetables from oxidation and concentrating the fructose contained in the fruit itself, adding minimum quantities of sugar, thus preserving the genuineness, integrity, flavour and unmistakable freshness of fresh fruit.

Olivodoro’s products are therefore free of preservatives, pectin, gelatin and antioxidants.

The results are immediately exceptional and have led Roberto, the owner, to experiment every year with new jams and creams, up to the current catalog, well stocked and suitable for every taste.

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Ingredients: Salt, Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, Pepper.

For every 1000 g. of "Peperì" you need: Salt 1000g. Rosemary 100g. Sage 50g. Garlic 20g. Pepper 20g.


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