Palamita Ragù Conserveria Tonnina

Ready to use Palamita fish ragù


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Linguine "al dente" and a glass of Elba white wine

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Palamita ragù from Isola d’Elba

Made with local and fresh Palamita fish

Conserveria Tonnina

The conserveria tonnina takes its name from a specific processing of a part of the tuna fish typical of the island of Elba. The shop is located near the historic cove in Portoferraio, in front of the fishermen’s boats. Here, traditional recipes with the original flavour of the ancient Elban tradition are prepared and preserved, faithfully following the methods, customs and recipes of seafaring custom. One of the values that the Conserveria Tonnina boasts is the quality of the fish products, all caught in the sea adjacent to Elba and in Italy. The products are diverse and undergo specific processing, the most commonly used fish being tuna, anchovies, skipjack and mackerel. The products are rich in omega 3 and protein, and the processing and preservation contribute to maintaining the flavour without altering it.


tomato puree(tomato,citric acid),Palamita(fish)- S. sarda-fished in the Mediterranean Sea 25%,extra virgin olive oil,white wine(contains sulphites),onion,carrot,parsley. Average nutritional values per 100 grams of product: energy value 562kj-135kcal fats 10,1g of which saturated fatty acids 1.7g carbohydrates 3.2f of which sugars 2.1g protein 7.8g salt 2.3g

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