Opre Vin santo 2000 Giacomo Grassi 375ml


Opre Vinsanto 2000Giacomo Grassi

Vinsanto is the product that more than anything else is linked to the tradition and the history of agriculture in our territory.

Vintage 2000
Perfect with dry pastries, especially with cantuccini
Trebbiano 65% malvasia 35%
up to 20 Years
10-12°  degrees
horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Opre Vin Santo Chianti Classico 2000 Giacomo Grassi

Vin Santo is an ancient wine with a more or less intense amber color, which due to its particular organoleptic characteristics different from those of other wines generally suitable for appetizers, is instead consumed as a dessert when it has sweet characteristics. In the Tuscan enology, it occupies an important and prestigious place since the Middle Ages. Vin Santo, enologically speaking, belongs to the classification of wilted wines.

How To Use Vin Santo ?

Vin Santo should be tasted in small passito wine glasses at a temperature of 8-12 ° C. The product is usually bottled after decanting, so it will hardly contain any residues. Moreover, being a naturally oxidized wine, it does not require oxygenation before tasting.

Vin Santo is a Dessert Wine, excellent accompaniment to pastry preparations, especially to traditional Tuscan Cantucci. The “Cantucci and Vin Santo” are a nice way to close a dinner or enjoy a moment of relaxation. The Vin Santo is also ideal with the typical Tuscan sweets, Ricciarelli di Siena, Buccellato (cake with raisins and aniseed) or the traditional castagnaccio. Outside the box, Vin Santo can also be an excellent aperitif or combined with blue cheeses such as sweet gorgonzola. Vin Santo is also excellent as a meditation wine, giving moments of great pleasure.

About The Producer:

The Grassi Family has rooted the Chianti Classico in its DNA both as a territory and for the production of the most representative products of this land. Vin Santo is one of these, it is in fact for 100 years that the fat family excels in the production of this fantastic wine. Even if the passion for wine and vin santo will always be fundamental for Giacomo Grassi, Since 1996 the company founded by Giacomo Grassi produces several monocultivar oils in the Chianti Classico in the heart of Tuscany. For years Giacomo Grassi has studied and perfected the art of cultivation, collection and processing. Each monocultivar corresponds to a specific harvesting moment, which must be followed. The love for the Italian monocultivar Olive Oil led Giacomo Grassi to select not only the types of olives, but also the extraction ,the methods everyone needs, then choose different types of olive oil extraction so that taste and fragrance are always at their best in these precious products that we are willing to present.

Attention and love for the Extra virgin olive oil is found in every drop of these precious monocultivar and it is a pleasure to taste and smell in the Monocultivar olive oil.

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