Okenio Terradonnà



red meats and game100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Up to 20 years
elegant and powerful bouquet, a long and pleasant finish that invites to a new sip.
18 degrees
horizontally, in the dark and without temperature changes

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Okenio Terradonnà

The commander of the Terradonnà winery, the highest expression of the Suvereto territory in a pure cabernet sauvignon. High quality obtained with great tenacity and every year is their greatest challenge.

manual selection of the best grapes in the vineyard, slow maceration in vitrified cement tanks for 24 days, malolactic fermentation in French oak barriques where it remains for 14 months. Refinement in bottle for 30 months

impenetrable ruby red mantle, the elegant and powerful bouquet highlights blackberry and blackcurrant on a background of humus and fern; then hints of balsamic resins, coffee and cinnamon. It has a remarkable structure with a dense density of tannins. The alcoholic component integrates well into the progression thanks to the contribution of a generous sapidity. Persistent and elegant finish.

About the producer, Terradonnà :

The origin of the farm Terradonnà dates back to the middle of the last century, at that time in the countryside a little bit of everything was cultivated for the sustenance of the family, but it was immediately clear that the vine and the olive tree found their maximum expression in this territory, rich in mineral particles and clay, and in the 80s began a production aimed at increasing quality.

Great efforts were made in the restructuring of the company to obtain high quality products, sure of the great qualities of this territory, which for the particular characteristics of the mineral-rich subsoil offers wines that are pleasant when young and surprising during long ageing.

The company is located at the foot of the hills of Suvereto and a few kilometers from the coast.

A perfect area for wine production thanks to a soil particularly rich in minerals and a microclimate that, thanks to the recirculation of air from the sea, keeps the climate mild all year round.

The vineyards of Terradonnà rise on a clayey soil that makes it arid on the surface, so to prevent the roots from suffering drought it is necessary that they extend deep below the clayey layer.

For this reason they have chosen to plant the rows at a distance of 120 centimetres.

This type of planting is extremely difficult in cultivation, which is mostly done manually by experienced operators.

The approach to the production of wines has always been characterized by an almost maniacal precision in every single operation carried out in the cellar, starting from the choice of the grapes before, up to the careful cleaning of every equipment used, passing through the respect for the environment; this means adopting advanced systems for the sterilization of the tanks avoiding chemical products.

The philosophy of the company comes from these peculiarities that impose “respect for the environment and the rhythms of nature”.

firm in its desire to maintain the traditional cellar with cement tanks and wooden presses, Terradonnà does not give up innovation in winemaking techniques and research into processing methods to improve plant life. Tradition and innovation coexist in Terradonnà.

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