Monocultivar Olivastra Seggianese DOP La Seggianese


Olivastra Seggianese Olive Oil, an Excelent Monocultivar.


About The Producer, La Seggianese :

Seggiano is their home. But it’s much more than that. It is a village strategically located on the slopes of Mount Amiata, which from above scrutinizes the landscape and the river Orcia.

It is a landscape elegantly underlined by the architecture of its churches, the Castle of Potentino and the walls.

It is a territory proud of its products: pecorino cheese, chestnut and, of course, the extra virgin olive oil Seggiano DOP from Olivastra Seggianese.

A rare and precious cultivar, Olivastra Seggianese has enriched the Tuscan territory for centuries. It is a strong plant like the people who cultivate it: able to challenge climate and altitude, it gives fruits that give a fruity oil with a unique and unmistakable taste.

There are many elements that contribute to create a great oil: the territory, the quality of the olives, their harvest, processing, production, bottling… They are many, very different, but they contribute to the same final success.

It is not a legend that in small towns everyone knows each other. Even for La Seggianese this is so: before producers, before colleagues, La Seggianese producers are neighbours and friends.

For a great oil to be born, every moment of its production must be impeccable. That’s why, when they had to choose the machinery for their oil mill, they aimed for the best.

Every machine in the mill belongs to the Pieralisi Group, a leading company in the sector that has set the standards for oil processing since its foundation in 1888.

The whole line has the fundamental certifications of the control bodies for pressing, storing and bottling IGP TOSCANO, DOP SEGGIANO and BIO oil.

In this way both customers and producers can be sure of the value that is in each bottle.


250ml, 500ml


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