Lemon Flavoured Extravirgin Olive Oil Tenuta Gardini 250ml


Lemon Flavoured Extra virgin Olive oil 250ml Tenuta Gardini

perfect for fish and white meat
bright, light green
fresh and elegant
In a dark place without changes of temperature

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Lemon Flavoured Extra virgin Olive oil 250ml Tenuta Gardini

Lemon flavored extra virgin olive oil 250ml Tenuta Gardini
The Oil is obtained from mostly secular plants in a hilly area often exposed to sunny, harvesting, which begins in November, takes place by hand and cold pressed within the same day in our company mill.

the fusion is made with lemons grown in the vegetable garden of the company, mixed with the extra virgin olive oil!

lemon flavoured olive oil, Best Pair With

This oil is designed to best accompany and enhance dishes based on fish and white meat. its aromas of fruit, in contrast with the bitterness of the lemon, will best flavor your recipes!

lemon flavoured extra virgin olive oil

The product is produced by premium selected home grown Italians lemons mixed with extra virgin olive oil creating a smooth oil with the unmistakably intense of Italian lemons flavor.


About The Producer, Tenuta Gardini :

It is a bond of love and passion that their family has had with this territory, through the centuries and generations. We adore his sweet and soft aspect because it gives us meaning and because it represents them.

The olive tree is the tree that represents the essence of spiritual life, the longevity of thought; the olive tree is the force that passes through time; its veins are the symbol of life, lived with intensity and passion.

The olive tree is the tree with the fundamental fruit.

Our italian olive oil comes mainly from centenarian trees that are located on the sunny hill. The olive harvest begins in November where it is harvested by hand and the pressing of the olives is carried out cold and on the same day in the company’s oil mill.

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