Grated Mullet Roe “Bottarga Di Orbetello” Slow Food Presidium I Pescatori DI Orbetello 40g


Grated mullet bottarga: a ready-prepared, traditional ingredient, used to season first-course fish dishes or to add a gourmet touch to your special recipes.

Store at room temperature, in a cool place and dry.
Keep in the fridge after opening.

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What is Mullet Roe ” Bottarga Di Orbetello ” I Pescatori DI Orbetello ?

Bottarga is made from the roe (egg) pouch of the grey mullet fish. Once it has been dried and cured, it has a golden or amber color and a savory, briny taste with a hint of almond. Bottarga was once known as the “poor man’s caviar,” but that hardly does justice to this Mediterranean delicacy, prized by food lovers from the ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Roman empires, on up to the present.

How To Use Bottarga Di Orbetello?

Mullet bottarga is more delicate tasting than tuna bottarga. Grated bottarga can be used straight from the jar to make a classic spaghetti con bottarga with olive oil. Or use it to add rich, salty, umami flavor to any other pasta dish, bitter greens, mashed potatoes, risotto, scrambled eggs, pizza, artichokes, or fresh vegetables – wherever you’d like to liven things up with the fresh taste of the sea!

  • Use with a little EVOO and garlic to make a superb pasta dish
  • Add to your seafood dishes to enhance their flavors
  • Sprinkle on Sushi or Sashimi for a unique fusion of Japanese and Italian culinary cultures.

About The Producer, I Pescatori Di Orbetello :

The fishermen of the Bottarga Presidium of Orbetello, who knew how to integrate fishing and breeding, sale of fresh produce and preparation of processed products, tourism and catering, can be considered a valid benchmark for other fish. All the fish comes exclusively from the Orbetello lagoon, where a careful integrated management between fishing and the environment guarantees the freshness of the product.
The ancient fishing techniques, the result of centuries of experience and weather conditions, sometimes can not guarantee the immediate availability of the product that will still be delivered.
Slow Food presidents protect small, endangered quality productions made according to ancient traditional practices.
Slow Food recognized the work of I Pescatori as a model to follow and indicated the Bottarga of Orbetello and the Palamita of the Tuscan sea as its Presidia.

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