Gran Riserva Pecorino Caseificio Seggiano 500g


Gran Riserva pecorino is treated with vegetable oil on the rind and matured on wooden boards for a long time.
At the end of the 12-month ripening period we have an extremely fragrant product, characterised by a compact paste and particularly complex aromas.
A sumptuous cheese due to the variety of its aromas; we recommend combining this cheese with a drizzle of chestnut honey flavoured with a juniper berry. All accompanied by a medium-bodied red wine.

Sheep’s milk, selected milk enzymes, rennet and salt. surface treated with grape-seed oil. Non-edible rind.


Important: The Pecorino Cheese is a handmade product, and as such is different in weight from shape to shape.
Half Pecorino cheeses may also differ slightly in weight.
Passione Toscana, like the producers, is committed to keeping this aspect as light as possible, but the weight may be slightly higher or lower than indicated.

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About the producer, Caseificio Seggiano:

The work of the dairy has ensured that the precious traditions of cheese making have not been lost.

A range of cheeses with the flavor of the past, produced with an artisanal method handed down from father to son, which preserves the precious teachings while remaining in step with the times and constantly making improvements to achieve the perfect combination of past and present, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and a production increasingly broad and attentive to consumer tastes.

Some essential phases of the production cycle are still carried out completely by hand, such as dry salting, turning and crust treatments of the various products. The most innovative technologies have taken over in the renewal of the washing phases, in the pasteurization of the milk and in the sterilization of the environments with the use of avant-garde instruments, to the benefit of the quality of the final product without renouncing the artisan workmanship that has always distinguished the Seggiano dairy.

The raw materials and craftsmanship of the dairy make their cheeses unique and inimitable, all produced with milk from the area.

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