Classic Tuscany


What will you find inside?

The ingredients needed to live an authentic Tuscan experience. in this case, by choosing “Typical Tuscany” you will find:

  • 1X – Rosso Di Montalcino Caprili:
  • 1X – Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico Castellare di Castellina: 
  • 1X – Ruffiana of Casentino Grey Pig Le Selve del Vallolmo 450g: 
  • 1X – Pecorino Toscano Riserva Del Pastore Podere Paterno 500g: 
  • 1X – Pici Toscani Pasta Bertoli 500g: 
  • 1X – Cinta Senese Ragù Le Fontanelle 200g: 
  • 1X – Extravirgin Olive oil Mazzeschi 500ml: 
  • 1X – Cantucci Toscani Pasticceria Bonci 250g: 

Weight7 kg


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