Chardonnay Fabrizio Bianchi IGT Castello di Monsanto

2020 vintage, perfect to drink now, for drinking on the hottest days between spring and summer


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Goes best with:

Fish recipes, fresh vegetables and white meats



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Chardonnay Fabrizio Bianchi IGT Castello di Monsanto, Tasting notes:

Golden color, The fruit on the nose is immediate, especially peach. The palate recognises the elegance, softness and intensity of the chardonnay.

Chardonnay Fabrizio Bianchi IGT

Magnificent Chardonnay born in the heart of classic chianti that makes longevity and freshness its strength. Its great aging ability allows it to enjoy its characteristics after many years of harvest.

Castello di Monsanto

There are two places at Castello di Monsanto that capture every visitor for the charm and the magic that is perceived: the Poggio’s hill and the historic cellar. Being able to transmit at least a tenth of the emotions you experience visiting the Monsanto winery is very difficult. The aromas, the echoes, the silences, the layers of noble molds make it a unique place that deserves at least one visit. The company has its origin from here. So from a climb on the Poggio and from a descent into the cellar, the idea of making a Cru in Chianti Classico was born for the first time. It was 1962 when the first 6,000 bottles of the Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggio were produced. Of the 72 hectares planted with vineyards, between 260 and 310 meters s.l.m., 56 ha are in Sangiovese, the vine in which the company has deeply believed from the beginning. The Sangiovese clones present in the vineyards come from a mass selection of vines found in the vineyard Il Poggio, “the mother” of all the vineyards of Monsanto. In a small percentage are then present the two historical vines of the Chianti Classico vine: Canaiolo and Colorino.

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The Renieri family has always tried to tell the story of Tuscan traditions and the culture of good eating in the products they make. It is in this land that one of the oldest Tuscan pig breeds, the Cinta Senese, was born. So they have chosen to safeguard and enhance this breed by dedicating attention to the territory, breeding and production.