Capocollo Falorni 600g


It has a distinctive deep red colour and, after maturing in special, well-ventilated rooms, it has an unmistakable, pleasant and complex taste and smell. Its few fatty parts give it flavour and softness.


Important: Cured meats and cold cuts are handmade products, and as such has a different weight from cut to cut.
Passione Toscana, like the producers, undertakes to respect the indicated weight, but the weight can be slightly higher or lower than the declared one.

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About the producer, Antica Macelleria Falorni:

Their story as butchers and master butchers began more than two centuries ago in the heart of Chianti with Lorenzo di Angelo Falorni: in 1806 he converted the family Osteria into a flourishing butcher’s shop, which he later expanded by taking over two other butcher’s shops and a slaughterhouse.

For over 200 years the Falorni butcher’s shop has been producing high quality meat and cured meats in the heart of the Chianti region, handing down from father to son the secrets of ancient recipes and the artisan’s knowledge of processing.

They have been doing this in the Chianti region with passion and care for 9 generations, respecting traditional recipes and knowledge.

The indissoluble bond with the territory, the roots, made of genuine things and a healthy lifestyle, has allowed the Falorni family to obtain numerous recognitions, including the award as one of the 150 companies that have made the history of Italy.

High quality is a daily commitment for Macelleria Falorni, a responsibility towards its history.

We follow traditional working methods and ancient recipes which, together with research and the use of modern production techniques, allow us to obtain sausages that are increasingly tasty, safe and genuine.

This is why they produce simply delicious cured meats every day.

Long and slow maturing processes allow their cured meats to mature naturally, without the aid of techniques and enzymes that accelerate transformation.

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