Borlotto Beans Terra Futura 300g


The characteristic feature of these beans is the beige colour that tends to pinkish and on the skin appear
obvious darker patches of a rustlike colour between reddish and brown. The use
The main ingredient of the borlotti beans is in the preparation of soups, velvety, soups and even by themselves in
The borlotti are beans highly appreciated for their ability to absorb the flavors of food that
are cooked together and this is the main factor that sees the borlotti in numerous recipes
traditional of our kitchens between rustic soups, pasta with beans and pork rind with borlotti.

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About the producer, Terra Futura :

Terra Futura, a small cooperative that operates in the province of Grosseto, in the municipalities of Castell’Azzara, Pitigliano and Sorano: the members of the cooperative, in fact, mainly cultivate native products such as legumes and some varieties of ancient grains not suitable for intensive crops and therefore not very widespread.

Terra Futura was born from the passion and the desire of some farmers of the land, united by the idea that the future of farming passes from the courage to move away from the conventional and return to a method of cultivation that involves the use of less energy inputs and greater respect for the environment and natural ecosystems.

The company has an internal production regulation that provides for the use of natural agronomic techniques, without pesticides and chemical fertilization. Many processes are still done by hand, such as hoeing and harvesting. Subsequently, the cooperative thinks about the marketing of the products.

The mission of the company is to try to safeguard the local biodiversity with natural agronomic techniques and the introduction of new eco-sustainable methods.

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