Boar Ragu Bontà Di Maremma 180g


Boar Ragu 180g Bontà Di Maremma

Cinghiale (wild boar meat)
Ideal for Tagliatelle, but also semolina paste, great for lasagna, cannelloni and creps.
Aromas of Tuscan countryside
3-4 Years
After opening, keep refrigerated between 0 and 4 ° and consume within a few day

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Boar Ragu 180g Ragù di Cinghiale


Bontà di Maremma  Ragù with cinghiale meat (wild pig)
Made with pork meat 45% ( Tuscan origin) 30% pork meat (Maremma origin), calf 15% (Italy origin ) whole MILK, courgettes, black olives, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, onion, carrot, salt, sugar, natural aromas and aromatic plants.

Boar Ragu 180g Ragù di Cinghiale

You can not claim to know the Tuscan cuisine if you have not eaten at least once the typical ragù di cinghiale, prepared for generations with the classic recipe handed down from mother to daughter.

Boar Ragu 180g Tuscan Recipe

The Boar Ragu that we offer is the result of careful studies by the company Bontà di Maremma!

The Boar Ragu is one of the most important food product from the Maremma Toscana.

According to tradition, it is served as a main dish with pasta during the classic Sunday lunch with the whole family.

About the Producer:

The uncontaminated and wild Maremma, with its soft hills covered with luxuriant scrub and rich undergrowth, still offers the possibility of a direct contact with a natural environment, where it is possible to rediscover ancient gastronomic traditions, which are rooted in a far past still jealously guarded today. Bontà di Maremma proposes these aspects and sensations within its products.


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