Biroldo Della Garfagnana “Slow Food Presidium” 500g Antica Norcineria


Biroldo, a typical Garfagnana salami, is very fragrant and has an intense taste. Slow Food Presidium product of Tuscany

Important: Cured meats and cold cuts are handmade products, and as such has a different weight from cut to cut.
Passione Toscana, like the producers, undertakes to respect the indicated weight, but the weight can be slightly higher or lower than the declared one.

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The processing of Biroldo is guaranteed by the Slow Food regulations, which require that the pig’s head, heart, tongue, rind and lung are cooked in a cauldron for about three hours. After boning the head, all the boiled meat is cut into small pieces and mixed with squares of lard, blood, salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and cloves. The sausage is manually stuffed into the bladder or stomach (buzzetto) of the pig, which is then sewn up and boiled for another three hours in the broth in which the meat was previously cooked. The Biroldo is then placed on a shelf and left to cool in the air to facilitate draining and fat loss. The sausage is naturally free of preservatives, colour stabilisers and thickeners and the local people used to eat it cold, cut with a knife and accompanied by the typical local potato bread or polenta di neccio made with chestnut flour.

About the producer, Antica Norcineria:

master butchers for four generations. Their story began in the post-war period on the slopes of the Apuan Alps, in the Serchio Valley where the large chestnut forests and terraces sown with spelt bear witness to an ancient rural tradition that is still preserved today.

In the beginning, the production and marketing of typical products such as lard, sausage and soppressata was a source of pride for the Antica Norcineria, which became a reference brand for all the genuine products of the Media Valle, Garfagnana and surrounding areas.

Today, thanks to them, the peasant memory handed down by their ancestors is handed down and the culture of eating healthy and well is spread.

In working the raw materials, L’Antica Norcineria respects the ancient tradition using the processing methods of the past. In fact, all natural products are used in the preparation of the cold cuts.

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