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Italian Saffron Monastero Di Siloe

The Italian Saffron is a precious spice because it is practically the stamens of Crocus Sativus, a flower that requires a lot of care and whose cultivation does not adapt to any climate. Each flower also blossoms for a few days a year and produces three stigmas (the part of the flower that receives pollen during pollination) that are collected by hand and dried one by one. Do you think that to produce 1 gram of saffron you need 150 purple flowers and a lot of work; this is why saffron is so precious and expensive, 1 kg can cost up to € 12,000.

How To Use The Italian Saffron ?

The use of the Italian saffron in pistils takes more time, but it will be enough to take care of them an hour before the start of the dish preparation. The pistils should be dipped in a little warm water and left to infuse for 30 to 60 minutes. The stigmas will dissolve in water giving it intense color and aroma. Add the flavored water to the preparations as you would with the saffron powder.

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About The Producer, Monastero Di Siloe :

The monastic community of the Siloe Monastery is situated in the Cinigiano, on the slopes of the Amiata mountain, they have always worked daily on their products, alternating working hours with prayer hours. At the Monastery of “Siloe” a series of extraordinary and organic food products, ground chili, honey, jams, fresh tomato sauces, homemade spelled pasta and old grains.
From them you will also find legumes (black chickpea, lentils), cereals (spelled dicocco “triticum dicoccum”, one of the earliest ancient cultures made cultivable, durum wheat “triticum turanicum”.
An impressive production, which has been awarded by various critics.

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