Bianchetto Truffle Cream Simone Fabrizzi 25g


Bianchetto Truffle Cream 25g Simone Fabrizzi

Bianchetto Truffle Cream is a delicious sauce with an intense and slightly agaric aroma typical of Bianchetto Truffle (Tuber albidum Pico).
The Bianchetto Truffle Cream enhances the organoleptic properties of the Bianchetto Truffle for a balanced and appetizing result.

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Tuscany Truffles : Bianchetto Truffle Cream Simone Fabrizzi

The Bianchetto Truffle Cream is an appetizing sauce with 75% of Bianchetto Truffle (Tuber albidum Pico). The Bianchetto Truffle, harvested between winter and spring, has a lively, slightly spicy and garlicy aroma. Its organoleptic characteristics are enhanced by dishes made with milk or cheese.
Ways of Use.
Prepared with Bianchetto Truffles, milk and cream, without adding artificial flavors, the Bianchetti Truffle Cream can be spread on toast and toasted bread or used to dress pasta dishes, especially pappardelle and tagliatelle. Excellent combination with dishes made with milk, butter or cheese.
To make the best use, add a drizzle of olive oil or a curl of butter and consume at room temperature or add on a steaming dish. Recommended 20 gr per person.

Tuscan Truffle And The Tuscany Truffle Hunting :

Tuscany is a region very dedicated to the production of truffles.
The production of truffles is strongly influenced by seasonality, and it is, therefore, difficult to quantify the harvest. In any case, it is a widespread activity throughout the region, with truffles organized through different associations or protection consortia that promote the improvement of truffle ecosystems, the management of truffles and the enhancement of the product.

The most common truffles in Tuscany are: white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), white truffle (Tuber albidum Pico) and the Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.). The areas historically and qualitatively the best are those of San Miniato and the Crete Senesi (Pienza).

About The Producer, Simone Fabrizzi :

The company Fabrizzi Simone is located in the beautiful village of Pienza, in the heart of the Val d’Orcia. The company was founded thanks to the passion of Fabrizzi Guerrino for the search for truffles that, since the ’60s, with his dog, was collecting precious tubers. As often happens, so much passion has been handed down to the son who, growing up, began to hunt truffles with his father. Since 2009, the company is led by his son, Fabrizzi Simone, who continues the family tradition by opening an artisan workshop to work and transform the fresh truffle into sauces and truffle oils. The purpose of the company is to be able to taste the truffle all year round, creating genuine and fantastic products.

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