Ancient Wheat Conchiglie Poggio Sassineri 500g


Ancient wheat pasta from the Maremma Toscana.

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Ancient Wheat Conchiglie Poggio Sassineri

Using organic “Senatore Cappelli” durum wheat flour, the resulting pasta is rich in protein and fibre, well digestible and contains little gluten. The colour of the pasta is dark because the colour of the Senatore Cappelli wheat is dark, the wheat is ground in the stone mill according to tradition, and the semolina is then transferred to the bronze die.
The pasta thus obtained is left to dry slowly (25 hours) in hot air and at low temperatures, giving the product the look and taste of homemade pasta.

About the producer, Poggio Sassineri :

The organic farm Poggio Sassineri was founded in the early 2000s near Magliano in Tuscany, on the edge of the Maremma park.

The company’s production, mainly oriented towards pasta and fruit jams, has always been certified organic.

They grow the raw materials they use to delight the guests of their agriturismo and every year, thanks to the harvest of the vegetable gardens and orchards, they pack excellent jams in jars without the addition of thickeners, additives, preservatives and sugar.

Their ancient wheat pasta, instead, after a long process of processing and bronze drawing, is left to dry for more than 24 hours.

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