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The Fields and the Animals
The Enviroment
The Result!

Breathe deeply, imagine a breathtaking landscape and a natural oasis rich in tastes and smells, then open your eyes slowly and enjoy all the beauty offered by the Val di Cornia and its typical products.

Entering the high Tuscan Maremma, in a hilly area rich in olive trees and free grazing animals, we find typical Tuscan products of the highest quality that are worth tasting.

A taste that can bring back a sensation, a moment, a past memory.

Among the excellences offered by the territory, it could not miss the range of Tuscan Pecorini Toscani offered by Podere Paterno.

The farm Podere Paterno has been engaged for generations in the production of Tuscan Pecorino cheese of the highest quality obtained exclusively with the milk produced by its own farms.

Immersed in the green hills of Maremma, in the municipality of Monterotondo Marittimo, it carries on its activity in full respect of the environment and animals.
We are talking about real typical products of Val di Cornia.

The “typical product” is an agricultural or agri-food product whose methods of processing, preservation and seasoning are consolidated over time and linked to particular geographical areas that for their environmental, social and historical peculiarities make it something of
unique of its kind.

We can therefore safely say that the Podere Paterno farm produces several of the highest quality.

Among the typical products made by Podere Paterno with extreme care and passion, there is undoubtedly the Pecorino Podere Paterno, made with special techniques handed down from generations that give rise to
unique and refined flavours.

The innovation then lies in simplicity: the production of Pecorino Podere Paterno respects the following cycles seasonal animals and rejects any hormonal treatment that alters their nature.

A genuine production, which winks at the most avant-garde dairy companies.

But care and respect for nature does not end there: Podere Paterno has decided to use a double system, photovoltaic and geothermal, to maintain complete self-sufficiency.
energy and at the same time generate a minimal environmental impact.

The typical products of the farm Podere Paterno, thanks to this careful processing, can show off the brand of the Renewable Energies Food Community of Tuscany.

Let’s analyze them in detail…

For lovers of delicate flavors, here is a wide range of Pecorino Podere Paterno:

Pecorino Semistagionato: delicious cheese made with raw sheep’s milk. Once inside the cheese factory, the veal rennet is immediately added, which gives the Tuscan cheese a more delicate flavor. The operation takes place at a controlled temperature between 30 and 40 degrees. It is matured for a period of three months in order to maintain a delicate taste. It is accompanied with a few drops of acacia or millefiori honey, with strawberry, cherry or pear jam, among all the Pecorini of Podere Paterno, the seasoned seed is the one with the softer, less intense flavor and therefore suitable for those who approach Tuscan pecorino for the first time.

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Pascoli di Maremma: It is a Tuscan raw milk pecorino with a round shape, typical of the area. It has a minimum maturation period of 2 months. It is produced all year round, but spring is preferred. It is eaten with fresh broad beans, commonly called “Baccelli”

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Il Moro: sheep milk, rennet and salt. The curd has very particular processing because as soon as it is broken it is collected by hand without the help of machinery in order to maintain all the flavor of the cheese.
freshly milked milk. During the maturing phase, it is washed with red wine giving a blackish color to the rind of this wonderful Pecorino Podere Paterno.

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Maremmano: it is a raw milk pecorino, produced according to an ancient family recipe. The milk is brought fresh to the dairy and processed immediately. It is produced with a minimum of four months of maturing and the processing phases are very slow and accurate. It has a rather
pronounced and strong for this reason in Tuscany it is preferably eaten with a pear jam, very sweet and delicate.

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Pecorino under hay: an exceptional product in which the seasoning takes place inside a
wrapping made of hay for a period of 4 months. The hay gives the cheese a taste
particularly aromatic and pleasant to every palate. As for the pecorino di fossa, also this one
it is wrapped in straw and placed in spaces under the ground to exploit the humidity. E’
produced in Monterotondo with raw sheep’s milk to maintain a delicate taste. The rind with
hay adds flavor which is also slightly spicy when tasted. The best
It goes well with a good truffle flavored honey. All genuine and Tuscan.

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Grandpa’s Pecorino: Super requested and loved by all is the pecorino with black pepper. A perfect combination of sheep’s milk and spice spiciness. Authentically Tuscan, Pecorino del Nonno is as crumbly as chalk: it crumbles in the mouth. Veal rennet is used in the preparation, more delicate to the palate. The pecorino, after two months in which it must necessarily rest, will be placed inside wooden crates full of pepper. You can eat everything! The
The best advice is to scratch the crust and taste it. The taste is authentically Tuscan, the Pecorino Del Nonno Podere Paterno is one of the most famous and appreciated cheeses of the company.

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Riserva Del Pastore: another sheep’s milk pecorino from the father’s farm with raw milk matured for a period of not less than 12 months. months but the seasoning can take much longer. Freshly milked milk is
transported to the dairies and then processed. Kid rennet is used to make it slightly spicy. The work is long: during the first month of seasoning, each cheese is turned over twice a week, afterwards it will be enough to turn it only once. After the first three months, washing begins,
made with olive oil on the moulds. It goes well with Tuscan honey or with tomato jam, chilli pepper and red onions.

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