Maremma Typical Products: Passione Toscana's TOP10

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Imagine being on vacation in Maremma, having dinner in one of the many typical restaurants, along the coast or in the hills, tasting the wonderful local food and wine products and falling in love with these Maremma Typical Products to such an extent that you cannot give up those flavors and those smells once you get home, wherever it is.
Now imagine going to your usual supermarket, to your trusted wine shop and to the best gourmet-shop in your city, just looking for those typical products, without being able to find those authentic flavors that had made you fall in love with the Maremma …

From today it will no longer be a problem, because Passione Toscana was born to satisfy this need!

But which are the best Maremma Typical Products?


Let’s take a step back, because before talking about the Maremma Typical Products, we think necessary to talk a little about the Maremma and why the Maremma Typical Products are so special.

Maremma, wild and uncontaminated land, is the “home” of many exceptional typical products, just think of the numerous certifications present in this magnificent area.

Thanks to its particular geographical conformation, the Tuscan Maremma is naturally predisposed to the “Birth” of various types of Typical Products.

The Maremma can in fact boast: 6 DOP, 7 IGP, 9 DOC, 4 DOCG and 2 IGT.

Below you will find the Top 10 of Maremma Typical Products According to the Passione Toscana Team!

10: Ansonica wine Isola del Giglio - heroic viticulture

Heroic viticulture is thus defined when practiced on particularly impervious territories. The processing conditions of these vines are extreme for reasons related to the soil, climate or altitude. The term heroic viticulture refers to a difficult but extremely valid cultivation.

Analyzing the definition of heroic viticulture, one cannot help thinking of the island of Giglio, where Ansonica wine has been produced for millennia, one of the best typical Maremma products.

Already the ancient Romans had in fact noticed the unique characteristics of this grape variety and of the Giglio island.

To date there are very few producers of Ansonica wine left on the island, among them Fontuccia stands out, a young company with great character.

Their vineyards are small terraces of dry stone walls between the granite rocks overlooking the sea, reachable only on foot with steep paths, the harvest is only manual, the crops are low but the grapes are very rich in scents.

Check here the Ansonica Wines from Giglio Island: Giglio Island Wines

9: Salami and cold cuts from Maremma & Cinta Senese

Speaking of Typical Maremman Products, it is impossible not to mention the Cinta Senese Salami.

These animals have very ancient origins, for centuries they have been bred in Maremma, in absolute freedom; characteristic is the dark, almost black color of the skin, the bristles of the body and the head, with the exception of a white strip (precisely a “belt”), which surrounds the chest, shoulders, withers and forelegs; their meat is particularly tasty and well marbled with fat.

Pancetta (Bacon), Guanciale, salami, sausage, shoulder, ham and capocollo are just some of the magnificent products based on Cinta Senese or Maremma pig.


Check here the Cinta Senese Cold cuts and salami: Cinta Senese

Check here all the Salami and cold cuts from Maremma: Maremmano Pig

8: Olivastra Seggianese Extra Virgin Olive OIl

Olea Europea Silvestris. This is the plant from which the Olivastra Seggianese descends.
An autochthonous cultivar, particularly resistant to the harsh winters of Monte Amiata.

It is precisely on the slopes of Monte Amiata, precisely in Seggiano, that the Seggianese olive oil is cultivated and produced.

The centuries-old olive trees surrounding the town of seggiano produce an oil with unmistakable qualities.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Seggiano DOP is obtained from Olivastra Seggianese olives which must be present in a minimum percentage of 85%.
The oil is green in color with golden yellow tones, with a fresh, clean, clean fruity aroma of olive, with herbaceous notes of artichoke and fruit aromas, ending with a harmonic and bitter charge.

All these characteristics therefore make Olivastra Seggianese one of the best typical Maremma products.

Check here our Olivastra Seggianese selection: Olive Oil from Seggiano

7: Monteregio Di Massa Marittima doc & Montecucco DOCG

The DOC Monteregio Di Massa Marittima extends in the north of the Tuscan Maremma, in the part that from the High Maremma winds up to Castiglione della Pescaia, passing through the municipalities of Massa Marittima, Follonica, Scarlino, Gavorrano, Monterotondo, Montieri and Roccastrada, practically within the area of the Metalliferous Hills of the upper Maremma Tuscany.

Montecucco DOCG is instead produced on the slopes of Monte Amiata. The DOCG Montecucco is quite young, created in 2011, but very characteristic and identifying for the Maremma Grossetana.

 Monteregio Di Massa Marittima and Montecucco, wines with a great tradition based on Sangiovese, are excellent for marrying harmoniously with dishes based on typical Maremma products, such as Tortelli, wild boar, steak and game.

Check here the Monteregio Wines: Massa Marittima Wines

Check here the montecucco wine: Montecucco Wines

6: Carnaroli Rice and Ancient wheat Pasta Senatore Cappelli

Maremma is the only area where Carnaroli rice is grown in all of Tuscany.

Carnaroli rice grown in the municipality of Grosseto, precisely in that strip of land that goes from Principina Terra to Principina a Mare, known as La Trappola, is considered a niche product of absolute quality, which has earned over time the consideration of the greatest local chefs at the expense of rice from other areas of Italy, certainly more famous for the cultivation of Carnaroli rice.

The excellence of a unique product.
Maremmano rice is of the highest quality; a quality due not only to the naturally favorable climatic conditions of the Grosseto plain but also to the fact that the land on which the rice itself grows has recently been dedicated to this cultivation and, therefore, has not yet been “depleted” by the repetition of this crop , as has been observed in other areas of Italy.

The other Queen of Tuscany crop, and more particularly of the Maremma, is the ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli.

Ancient grains are varieties of the past that have remained authentic and original, that is, they have not undergone any modification by man to increase their yield.

Pasta made with Senatore Cappelli wheat flour therefore has better, healthier and better properties and nutritional values.

Senatore Cappelli wheat is particularly suitable for organic farming.

The producers of Grano Maremmano have recently met with the intention of transforming this splendid wheat into an excellent Pasta.
This is how ÈMaremma was born, the first 100% Maremma pasta from Senatore Cappelli flour.

Carnaroli Rice and Antico Senatore Cappelli Wheat Pasta are therefore to be considered among the best Typical Maremma Products.

Check here the Carnaroli rice from Maremma: Maremma Rices

Click here for the ancient wheat Pasta: Pasta Senatore Cappelli

5: The Maremma Cow and wild boar

In past centuries the Maremma was characterized by a hostile environment where living conditions were difficult, both for its inhabitants and for the local fauna that had to survive in extreme conditions, in a marshy area and prone to the development of diseases like malaria.
For this reason, the natural selection has given rise to strong breeds, resistant and suitable for a wild terrain like the Maremma: the Maremma cow and the Maremma wild boar.

The Maremma cow is the symbol of the Tuscan Maremma, the most rough and traditional one. The Maremmana cow fully reflects the characteristics of the territory, being a very rustic, frugal, robust and also very resistant to drought, it can in fact graze in any season on arid land using food resources that other breeds of cattle would not be able to feed on.
It is mainly thanks to this type of diet based on spontaneous herbs and shrubs that grow mainly in Maremma that the meat of the Maremma cow has a very intense and savory taste, a very high protein content and a moderate lipid presence.

The result is a meat highly appreciated by chefs and gourmets, so much so that it deserves to become part of the Slow Food presidia as one of the best typical Maremma products.

In addition to the Maremma cow, the undisputed king of the dense Mediterranean scrub, which extends throughout the Maremma, is the Maremma wild boar.

Famous for its Wild flavor, it is considered one of the most sought after prey by local hunters, especially for its highly prized meat.

Wild boar Maremmano is in fact the basis of the most typical Maremma recipes, such as Pappardelle with wild boar ragout, wild boar, wild boar alla Cacciatora and many other delicious recipes based on Maremma boar.

Discover the Maremmana Cow : Maremmana Cow

Here the wild boar products of Maremma: Wild Boar

4: Nannoni Grappe

A worldwide excellence, and a pride of the Maremma …

When the Nannoni Grappe distillery was born, the culture of distillation did not exist in Tuscany, the marc was mostly thrown into the chicken coop, so most of the grappa produced in the region was destined for wholesale in northern Italy.
The first years were difficult, but in a short time the cellars of Montalcino and slowly all the others, realized the great opportunity that was offered to them, so they began to distil their marc at the Nannoni Grappe Distillery.
 The best Tuscan wineries have been sending the best pomace to the distillery every year for decades, thus receiving a very high level Grappa.

Year after year, a farm in the middle of the Maremma has therefore become an international destination for lovers of Spirits, bringing their Grappas to the world and many enthusiasts in Maremma.
Thanks to the splendid work of Priscilla Occhipinti, the only Master Distiller Woman in the world, Nannoni Grappe has in fact established itself over the years as the best Distillery in the world, numerous are the prizes won by Nannoni Grappe, just think of the 144 gold medals and double gold won from 2011 to 2019.
We can therefore say that Nannoni Grappa Distillates are the most awarded in the world and one of the typical Maremma products that the whole world envies.

Check here the Nannoni Grappe Products: Nannoni Grappe

3: Morellino Di Scansano DOCG

Morellino Di Scansano DOCG is one of the most important and representative DOCGs of the Tuscan Maremma.

Morellino Di Scansano wine is produced exclusively in that hilly area of the province of Grosseto between the Ombrone and Albegna rivers, located in the municipalities of Scansano, Manciano, Magliano In Toscana, Grosseto, Campagnatico, Semproniano and Roccalbegna.

Historically, Morellino DI Scansano has always been considered as “Lesser Brother” of Brunello Di Montalcino and Nobile DI Montepulciano, in fact, like these wines, it is produced with an important base of Sangiovese Grosso (at least 85% according to the specification).

In recent years, thanks to the magnificent work of the producers in the area, and to the growing demand, Il Morellino Di Scansano is increasingly considered one of the most important wines in Tuscany and one of the best typical Maremma products.

The vinification phases must take place in the grape production area, as required by the previous disciplinary of 1978.

Ideal to accompany the typical dishes of the Maremma tradition, Morellino Di Scansano wine is perfect especially for game dishes.

Check our Morellino Di Scansano Selecttion: Morellino Di Scansano

2: Bottarga Di Orbetello
I Pescatori Di Orbetello

Historically, in Orbetello, the art of preserving fish has always been a necessity.
As early as 1500 in fact the Orbetellans used to smoke eels and other fish from the lagoon.
These age-old traditions have also come to the present day, thanks to the teachings handed down from father to son over the centuries.
 In fact, it is not uncommon to find scalloped eel and “shaded” (smoked) eel in the menus of local restaurants.
Even the Bottarga has always been produced, but it was a family production destined for one’s table. A few years ago, however, everything has changed, the fishermen of Orbetello have in fact joined in a cooperative and have started to produce the famous Mullet Bottarga of Orbetello (Bottarga Di Cefalo).
 Bottarga Di Orbetello is produced with Muggini (Cefali) Female eggs because it is the only species with an egg casing resistant enough to allow rubbing with salt.
The oval sacs of the female mullet are gently removed by the hands of the artisans of the cooperative, taking care not to break them, then they are washed with water, treated with sea salt, dried in special rooms and finally packaged.
The production period runs from August to October, but thanks to the vacuum techniques and the creation of a special “Powder” these magnificent typical Maremma products are available all year round.

Check here the Orbetello Fisherman products: I Pescatori Di Orbetello

1: Pecorino Toscano DOP
Caseificio il Fiorino

One of the best  Maremma typical products is the Pecorino Toscano DOP.

Pecorino Toscano DOP has a unique and delicate flavor, which derives from the perfect balance between nature, environment and ancient dairy tradition.
Pecorino Toscano has its roots over the centuries and in pastoralism, a prevalent activity of the Etruscans and Romans, who found ideal pastures in Maremma and as in the case of the Il Fiorino Dairy, also natural caves, in stone, perfect for the seasoning of the product. In fact, the Fiorini cave has recently been enlarged and restored, which is the heart of the entire dairy.
The most renowned products of the Il Fiorino Dairy come out of this evocative and ideal environment for natural seasoning, such as Il Pecorino Riserva Del Fondatore, Pecorino Grotta Del Fiorini and Cacio Di Caterina.

The Dairy is located in a place of extraordinary charm and historical value, Roccalbegna, a small medieval village on the slopes of Monte Amiata.

The milk with which the cheeses of Il Fiorino Dairy are made, comes exclusively from selected local farms.

In every cheese form of Il Fiorino Dairy there is the authentic flavor of the Maremma. The credit goes to the processing of these extraordinary raw materials, which following the most ancient artisan techniques, are transformed into Pecorino Toscano DOP inside the dairy.

Discover the Caseificio Il Fiorino cheeses: Caseificio Il Fiorino

This is the TOP10 of the Typical Products of Maremma according to us of Passione Toscana, what do you think?


Let us know which is your favourite typical Maremma product and which is your TOP10! Share this article with your friends and discover their TOP10!

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