The Best Italian Lard Is From Colonnata!

lardo di colonnata 's history and secrets!

The true Lardo Di Colonnata only comes from Colonnata.

They start from the basic raw material, pork, now bought mostly in selected breeding in Tuscany. A large cut is taken, the suet is scraped off and cut into parallelepipeds with regular sides. Then massaged with sea salt.
 Chemical and bacteriological analyzes have shown that their “ancient method”, which we will analyze below, is extraordinarily effective and requires no chemical treatment or for storage. Even those who should stay on a diet can eat lard because, contrary to what one might think, cholesterol content is almost non-existent.

Here are the reasons that differentiate it from others:

  • The climate, Colonnata is placed at 550 meters above sea level and set between marble quarries and chestnut woods, is characterized by an ideal microclimate for the long maturation of the product (minimum six months, but also two years or more) which takes place in marble tanks (conche) at natural temperature (without forced conditioning). Mainly for this reason only the lard processed in Colonnata is the true and unique Lardo di Colonnata.
  •  Marble, Aging in its walls alive, breathing, or using inert containers, made of steel or worse than plastic, is certainly not the same thing. Then not all the marble is the same: you have to know how to choose the right one, that is the fine grained one in the Canaloni di Colonnata basin.
  • Seasonal, processing (from September to May).


  • The extraordinary variety of local aromatic herbs and spices (no type of additive, preservative and aroma is allowed).
  • Preparation, the ancient procedure is handed down from generation to generation. Maturing takes place for at least 6 months in marble “conche”: white marble blocks carved out. The lard placed there together with salt and various spices produces a “brine” that preserves and maintains it for years.
    In Colonnata every producer, has inherited a recipe, at least one basin and the knowledge of a technique that has remained identical to itself for centuries.

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