Interview with chef lombardelli and Argentario Golf Resort

Emiliano Lombardelli

Today we had the opportunity to interview Emiliano Lombardelli Head Chef at Dama Dama
Restaurant and Club House at the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa.
At the Dama Dama Restaurant, Chef Emiliano Lombardelli proposes a cuisine based on
local flavors and colors. The dishes are made of genuine products from small and carefully
selected local farmers. As we from Passione Toscana sell some similar products as they use
at Dama Dama, we decided to meet and chat with Chef Emiliano Lombardelli.
You will find our interview with Chef Emiliano Lombardelli below:

How does an idea for a dish accrues?

The countless answers to this question! There is no methodology for building a dish, at least
for me. In my journey, the dishes are always born of intuitions or simply while taking a ride
through the pine forest on my bike or at the sea, rather than a chat with friends or a visit to
other places in the world. Like I said, there are many ways how I get my inspiration or ideas
for a new dish.

How important is the correct combination of wine to enhance the flavors of a dish?

Without a doubt, there has been a huge development when it comes to the education or
knowledge from our guests perspective about the world of wine and food.
With that being said, it is also a chance for us to offer our guest such a special menu where
we are able to enhance each products peculiarities by combining it with a perfect matching

What is your favorite dish?

Well, a dish which kind of represents my entire journey is called the ”Caldaro”. It is a typical
and well known Argentario fish soup. I first got in touch with Caldaro when I was a child, as
my mother used to cook it for me. At Dama Dama, I serve it a simple and exquisite ravioli.
However, it is without a doubt the dish that everyone keeps in mind even years later.
Thanks to the Chef Emiliano Lombardelli!
For more info and to reserve your culinary experience at Dama Dama check the Argentario
Golf Resort &; Spa website with our link below:



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