Ancient Wheat And Lentils Soup 350g Monastero Di Siloe


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Ancient Wheat :

Triticum Turanicum hard grain is distinguished by the other ears of grapes, high above one meter and sixty. It is a grain rich in mineral salts and high protein content that has not undergone the alterations of the genetic manipulation techniques of modern agriculture. Its properties make the soup extremely nutritious and highly digestible, with intense scent and strong flavor. The special bronze drawing gives it a rough surface that is particularly suitable for retaining condiments.

About The Producer, Monastero Di Siloe :

The monastic community of the monastery of siloe is situated in cinigiano, on the slopes of the mountain amiata. they have always worked daily on their products, alternating working hours with prayer hours. At the Monastery of “Siloe” a series of extraordinary and natural food products are produced (organic certificates), ground chili, honey, jams, fresh tomato sauces, homemade spelled pasta and old grains.
From them you will also find legumes (black chickpea, lentils), cereals (spelled dicocco “triticum dicoccum”, one of the earliest ancient cultures made cultivable, durum wheat “triticum turanicum”.
An impressive production, for a very small community, which has been awarded by various critics.


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