Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano Fonte Degli Angeli Podere Paradisino


Red Meat and Game
Sangiovese 100%
10-15 years
intense, fruity, and floral
dry and savory taste with a great structure
horizontally, in the dark and without temperature changes

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Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano Fonte Degli Angeli Podere Paradisino

Produced according to specifications for the most part by Sangiovese grapes, varieties Prugnolo Gentile , Canaiolo and others represent the minority, coming from vineyards located in the crete podere la Casetta. Refined 24 months in Slavonian oak barrels this wine from the intense taste and great bouquet and variety of aromas also tertiary, it is suitable for a wide range of pairings, also representing a well-known meditation wine. So as not to alter the organoleptic characteristics the Nobile di Montepulciano has not been subjected to any treatment.

About the producer, Podere Paradisino :

Not far from the 16th century Temple of San Biagio, where the walls of Montepulciano merge with the vineyards, stands the farm Podere Paradisino with its 13 hectares of land surrounded by rows of vines, olive trees and cypresses. In this enchanted place, with its roots firmly rooted in the old town centre but with an eye to the Crete, they see the light and refine their wines, which ripen in the cellar before serving at tables all over the world.

Podere Paradisino is a young project born from a passion for the territory and its fruits, a journey in search of the authentic flavours that have made Tuscany famous throughout the world.

Inside each of their bottles there is a passion to share, a moment to remember, the essence of the truest Tuscany. The vineyards of Paradisino, Colombelle and Casetta thanks to the mixture of sand and clay of the soil and a particularly favorable climate and exposure allow to produce high quality wines.

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