Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico Cantina La Sala


Dry pastry ( Cantucci) and as a meditation wine
100% Trebbiano
15 years
hints of honey, almond and apricot
sweet and velvety
14 degree
horizontally, in the dark and without temperature changes

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Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico Cantina La Sala :

Meditation Wine from the Chianti Classico Area, The Vin Santo La Sala is the perfect flagship of Tuscan Traditions.

About the producer, Cantina La Sala :

The land of La Sala extends into the properties which since 1260, with the name of „Grande Terra Murata“, were part of the possessions of the noble Giandonati family; at the beginning of the 15th century the land passed to the Acciaiuoli family, in 1534 to the Grand Duke Alessandro de ‚Medici and finally to the Corsini family.

From 1981 to 2014 the company belonged to Laura Baronti who together with the winemaker Gabriella Tani

in the 1990s and early 2000s he contributed to making La Sala an excellent Chianti Classico company.

In 2014 Francesco Rossi Ferrini purchases La Sala, concluding an important agronomic project, started in 1941, with the ownership of Il Torriano, now also a farmhouse, which boasts splendid Sangiovese and Merlot vineyards and olive groves in the Montefiridolfi area.

Today the company has an extension of over 70 hectares, all within the Chianti Classico area, of which 32 hectares are those planted with vines and about 40 hectares are used for olive trees and woods, all the vineyards are located between 150 m asl and the 350 m asl

Immediately after the purchase of La Sala, Francesco undertook an important modernization work in the cellar and in the vineyard, converting the company to organic agriculture and beyond. The final objectives are sustainability, and the achievement of product quality while respecting the land and natural biodiversity. The selection of the best soils with different exposure and altitude, the low yields and the separate vinification of each plot, then guarantee the property a deep knowledge of its vineyards and excellent harvests even in the most difficult years.

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