Truffle Pecorino Caseificio Il Fiorino 450g

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Truffle Pecorino from the Maremma Toscana. made with the best Tuscan Truffles and selected milk.

This truffle pecorino will amaze your palate.

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Truffle Pecorino Caseificio Il Fiorino :

Cheese flavoured with selected truffle „Scorzone“ and „Bianchetto“, finely chopped and in small flakes to give more texture and taste. The aroma is delicate and non-invasive, the full taste of the cheese, delicate and balanced, born from Maremma sheep’s milk, is reinforced by the special notes of truffle. The structure of the paste appears soft but compact, soluble, with truffle veins, tender and soluble.

The cylindrical shape of 13 cm in diameter with a straight heel, about 0.9 kg, presents a thin, barely hinted flavor, the result of a short maturation in a refrigerated cell, for at least 10 – 15 days.

It can be served in the kitchen with rustic toasted bread, on canapés and in meat fillings. It goes well with aromatic, spicy and floral white wines with average alcohol content.

About the producer, Caseificio Il Fiorino :

The dairy is located in a place of extraordinary charm and historical value, the medieval village of Roccalbegna, located on the slopes of Mount Amiata and lapped by the Albegna river.
The milk used to make our cheeses comes exclusively from selected local farms. Roccalbegna, Saturnia, Semproniano, Scansano, Arcidosso, Cinigiano, Campagnatico and Grosseto; places dedicated to the agricultural tradition already in the Etruscan era, and where fortunately even today thanks to this, the hilly landscape has been kept almost intact. Every day the vehicles collect the milk and reach the dairy where the processing begins. After an internal analysis, a selection is made based on the characteristics of the milk and according to the type of cheese to be made.

The goal is aimed at the highest quality regardless of yield. Each processing step is performed by hand by expert cheesemakers. The “added” ingredients such as certified rennet and the Volterra salt are also qualitatively exclusive.

In flavored and refined productions such as pistachio, saffron, chilli etc .. coming exclusively from top quality productions.

Salting, a process that not only gives taste but also prevents the deterioration of the forms by hand one by one, prepares for the ripening phase.

The latter takes place in controlled temperature environments, which, with different times depending on the product (from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 days) prepares if it is necessary for the seasoning; where they are left to rest in cells on boards of wooden boards with different times and methods for each cheese.

In the village, where the old artisan factory once stood, the Fiorini cave was enlarged and restored, which is the heart of the entire dairy. It is from these evocative and ideal environments for maturing that the most renowned products of Il Fiorino come out, such as the Pecorino Riserva del Fondatore, the Pecorino Grotta del Fiorini and the Cacio di Caterina.

Treasures that preserve a perfume and a taste that only the long rest, at temperature and natural ventilation, can give. The seasoning in the cave gives the crust, without treatments, the typical white and greyish molds that characterize these excellent products.

This is the last unparalleled and irreproducible “touch” that closes the circle of the production path of the Fiorino dairy, before distribution.

Gewicht0.5 kg

0.4kg Approximately, 0.9kg Approximately

Ingredients/ Allergens

INGREDIENTS: pasteurized sheep milk, white truffle (tuber borchii vitt.) min. 0,5 %, summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) min.0,5 %, flavouring, Volterra salt, rennet, milk enzymes.

Allergens present: MILK and MILK products, including lactose.


ENERGY 1339 kJ /323 kcal
FATS 27 g
Of which 18 g saturated fatty acids
Of which sugars <0.5 g
SALT 1,4 g
CALCIUM (as Ca) 630 mg
IRON (as Fe) <1
VITAMIN A 0.25 mg
PHOSPHORUS (as P) 581 mg
MOISTURE % 42,87
cholesterol 82,7 mg

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