Testamatta Rosso Bibi Graetz


extraordinary 100% Sangiovese wine. this niche wine from Bibi Graetz is a rarity in the market given the Very small amount of bottles produced.

Red Meat, Game
Sangiovese 100%
15 years
Ripe Fruit, Mineral hints

horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Testamatta Rosso Bibi Graetz :

“Testa-Matta” in Italy is someone with a strong personality, a distinctive style and positive attitude and creativity. No other name could describe better Bibi Graetz flagship wine. Supertuscan made with 100% Sangiovese from old vines, this wine is the result of the combination of tradition and creativity, elevating the idea of Tuscan Sangiovese and bringing the word “Supertuscan” to the next level.

Testamatta Rosso and its secrets :

Testamatta Rosso grapes are selected and sourced from the best 5 vineyards of the winery: Vincigliata, Londa, Lamole, Montefili, Siena. Each vineyard, divided in parcels, is harvested up to 8 times, making sure all the grapes are picked at the perfect ripening point. The 5 vineyards, both characterized by very old age (up to 80 yrs) are located in different areas of Tuscany: Lamole & Montefili in the heart of Chianti Classico at 600 and 400 meters altitude, Vincigliata near by Firenze at 280 meters altitude, Londa in north of Firenze, towards the Rufina valley and Siena in the south of Tuscany at 250 meters altitude. The grapes will be selected for the second time at the winery before destemming and soft pressing. The fermentations are conducted by natural and indigenous yeasts, in open-top barriques (225L) without any temperature control and “bleedings”, with 6 manual puch-downs per day. After 7-10 days of maceration, the different parcels are moved to old barriques for 2 years.

About The Producer, Bibi Graetz :

Bibi Graetz is one of the most famous Italian winemakers, defined as one of the rising stars of Tuscany. Its wines come from vineyards located in the hills of Fiesole overlooking the town of Firenze from the island of lily, where the company has purchased land recently. Painter, son of a sculptor, of cosmopolitan origins, for about ten years he dedicated himself to his great passion: wine. in his wines, we find the tradition and innovation that you expect from a character of his caliber. in fact we find wines that follow the Tuscan tradition, based on Sangiovese and more than successful experiments, such as the Bollamatta, 100% Sangiovese rosé sparkling wine.
For this reason, Bibi Graetz is today considered to all effects one of the most interesting realities on the national scene!

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