Testamatta Bianco Bibi Graetz


Fall in Love With This Giglio Wine!

extraordinary 100% ansonica white wine. this niche wine from Giglio island is a rarity in the market given the Very small amount of bottles produced.

First courses based on fish, raw fish and shellfish
Ansonica 100%
5-7 years
condensate the aromas, the flavours and the character of the Island of Gilgio in a bottle: you can fill the smell of the underwood, the mentholated of myrtle, the minerality of the soil and the elegance of the Ansonica grapes.
All this notes are perfectly combined together by the fine tannins and the smoked bouquet of the oak

horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Testamatta Bianco Bibi Graetz :

Testamatta has always been identified as the image and the flagship brand of the winery, the philosophy, the quality and the message are truly expressions of Bibi Graetz approach to wine. After many years of research and hard work, selecting their whites from the Ansonica grapes of the Island of Giglio, they realized that were ready to close the circle of Testamatta, producing alongside the red, the white version of the “Crazy head”. Testamatta Bianco, produced for the first time in 2016, has already become a benchmark for white wines in Italy.

Wine From Giglio Island : Ansonica Wine

The grapes for Testamatta are sourced from the best vineyard of the Island: Serrone. Bibi Graetz can technically call Testamatta bianco a “singlevineyard selection”. Serrone is in the south-east part of the island, facing the sea at an altitude that goes from 60 to 150 meters altitude, terrace after terrace. The vines, up to 100 years old, have the shape of a very small goblet and are grown in the middle of the rocky, poor and granitic soil of the island. Harvest started the 18th of August, every grape, handpicked, was carried in small
baskets to the winery, located in the center of the island in Giglio Castello. After the destem and a very soft pressing with dry-ice,they left the skins with the juice for less then 1 hour. After this short period of maceration the must was decanted for approximately 48 hours at low temperature in stainless steal tanks and then moved to new 225L barriques for the alcoholic fermentation at 20°C. After the fermentation the wine aged with the lees for 12 months, without any malolactic fermentation and then bottled.

About The Producer, Bibi Graetz :

Bibi Graetz is one of the most famous Italian winemakers, defined as one of the rising stars of Tuscany. Its wines come from vineyards located in the hills of Fiesole overlooking the town of Firenze from the island of lily, where the company has purchased land recently. Painter, son of a sculptor, of cosmopolitan origins, for about ten years he dedicated himself to his great passion: wine. in his wines, we find the tradition and innovation that you expect from a character of his caliber. in fact we find wines that follow the Tuscan tradition, based on Sangiovese and more than successful experiments, such as the bollamatta, 100% Sangiovese rosé sparkling wine.
For this reason, Bibi Graetz is today considered to all effects one of the most interesting realities on the national scene!

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