Spelled Penne 250g Monastero Di Siloe


Spelled Penne 250g Monastero Di Siloe

Organic pasta with only grain triticum dicoccum , ground-based, handcrafted, bronzed and slowly dried for 24 hours.

Pasta di  grano duro triticum dicoccum
10 Minutes
Great with all kinds of condiment
Bio certified product

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Spelled Penne 250g Monastero Di Siloe

Siloe – Penne al macinato a pietra
Spelled is the first man-made cereal and the origin of its cultivation dates back to the man of Neolithic man, more than 10,000 years ago. Since the 20th century, following the modernization of agriculture that preferred cultivation of “quantity” rather than “quality”, the spelled is said to be “put on the margins” until almost disappearing. Today, the Monks of the Siloe Monastery are cultivating this ancient cereal in them lands. Spelled is a food that provides a balanced balance, rich in group vitamins and mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. It is a low-glycemic, highly energy-efficient food. Its properties make the pasta extremely nutritious and highly digestible. The special bronze drawing gives it a rough surface suitable to retain the condiments.

Pasta From Tuscany

Spelled can be considered to be an antique wheat because it has not been contaminated by artificial modification processes like (x-rays, gamma, alpha and beta) compared to the currently available varieties, but comes from a very traditional selection genealogy that ensures a lesser predisposition to allergies and intolerances, as well as absence of forced mutations.

About The Producer, Monastero Di Siloe :

The monastic community of the Siloe Monastery is situated in the Cinigiano, on the slopes of the Amiata mountain, they have always worked daily on their products, alternating working hours with prayer hours. At the Monastery of „Siloe“ a series of extraordinary and organic food products, ground chili, honey, jams, fresh tomato sauces, homemade spelled pasta and old grains.
From them you will also find legumes (black chickpea, lentils), cereals (spelled dicocco „triticum dicoccum“, one of the earliest ancient cultures made cultivable, durum wheat „triticum turanicum“.
An impressive production, which has been awarded by various critics.

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