Saffron Zafferano Alta Maremma 0,2gr


Italian Saffron From Tuscany!

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Saffron Zafferano Alta Maremma 0,2gr

Perfect for Risotto and all your favorite recipes that include Italian Saffron. Saffron From Tuscany is one of the best in the world!

About The Producer, Zafferano Alta Maremma :

The farm Zafferano Alta Maremma is located in the municipality of Cinigiano and is certified organic. Immersed in an uncontaminated environment rich in flora and fauna, very far from industrial or artisan areas, it has an ideal soil for the production of Saffron as it has a predominantly sandy composition that allows the optimal development of the bulbs and their flowering without stagnation of water that would harm them and the flowers.
After they left the soil to rest for three years, with only natural spontaneous vegetation, at the beginning of 2019 they proceeded to manure with bovine manure from local farms.
In August 2019 in 2000 square meters, they planted organic bulbs from an organic farm.
The farm is family-run, following this way personally the various production phases: from the uprooting of weeds, which is necessary to avoid removing nutrients from the bulbs and which must be carried out absolutely by hand, uprooting plant by plant (as it is not possible to use herbicides), to the harvesting of flowers, flower by flower (we are talking about thousands of flowers), up to the drying of stigmas with the so-called „slow drying“ method, which takes at least three hours. The latter are all operations which must necessarily be carried out manually and, what is essential, within a few hours of harvesting in order to obtain a high quality dried product with a very intense smell and taste.

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